French Bulldog Tips And Tricks 

From full-blown grooming to proper feeding, from efficient training to Instagram modeling... We' re covering all frenchie related topics known to exist!

french bulldog stink

Yeast Infection in French Bulldogs- Causes and Treatment

Is your Frenchie showing itchy behavior? Does his skin smell on popcorn or cheese? Well, if the answer is yes, then he probably suffers from a yeast infection. Yeast is a natural resident of everyone’s skin; however, its overgrowth may occur due to a dog’s weakened immune system and a number of other reasons. Luckily, yeast infection in French bulldogs can be successfully treated with these tips.

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rarest french bulldog

What Is The Rarest French Bulldog Color?

Have you ever wondered what the rarest French bulldog color is? Since these little pooches come in so many patterns and shades, you’ll probably find yourself in a dilemma what color of a Frenchie to choose.

Besides the AKC approved coat standards, these little gremlins can be found in lilac, blue, chocolate, and Isabella colors that are higher in price.

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frenchie stink

Why Does My French Bulldog Stink?

We all know that dogs can’t smell like flowers. It’s because they have sebaceous glands that produce natural protective oils to protect their skin. However, if you noticed that your French bulldog stink, there could be several reasons for such a condition. Ear infections, infected facial folds, or a well-known Frenchie pocket can be only one of the reasons.

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How Can I Keep My French Bulldog Warm?

Winter is coming and for most of us, it means celebrating the holidays with family and friends and making some unforgettable moments in the snow. However, if you are the owner of the most iconic-looking dog breed in the world, you’ll need to pay attention to how to keep your French bulldog warm this season.

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can french bulldogs be left alone

Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone?

We all know that French bulldogs belong to companion dog breeds. They like to spend time with their owners and other family members. That’s what makes them happiest on Earth. Can French bulldogs be left alone is one of the most common questions we hear from our clients. Here is the answer.

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french bulldog jackets

Do French Bulldogs Need Jackets?

Many dogs are capable of living outside, however, French bulldogs are not one of them. They can get cold very quickly and act sensitively to different temperature changes. That’s why every French bulldog owner needs to provide them with appropriate clothes. Frenchie World Online Store offers a wide assortment of French bulldog jackets that can keep your pooch warm this season.

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