8 Trendy Pick Of French Bulldog Shirts in 2021

french bulldog shirts

Warm days are almost here. Fortunately, it means wearing fewer clothes and preparing trendy summer clothes to make your Frenchie spotted and safe from the sun. That’s why we’ve made a list of 8 French bulldog shirts that will help your dog look chic and cool on any occasion.

Why does your Frenchie need to wear clothes on sunny days?

 Regardless of the season, French bulldogs should wear protective clothing for many reasons. Due to their short muzzles, Frenchies are incapable to maintain their optimal body temperature, so they can get a heat stroke very easily. By wearing clothes, you’re protecting their skin from hot sun rays and environmental allergens that can cause their skin itchy and irritated. When your French bulldog’s skin is directly exposed to the sun rays, their body temperature quickly arise in just a few minutes.

french bulldog shirts

What are the trendiest picks of French bulldog shirts?


Frenchie World® Hawaiian Shirts

When it comes to choosing clothes for Frenchies, it’s undeniable fact that we all love to see our pooches dressed in cute pieces of wardrobe. With this Frenchie World Hawaiian Shirt, your pup will be ready to rock ‘n’ roll at the beach. This French bulldog shirt is available in 4 colors, and the high cut is used to prevent potty messes.

Summer Cooling Vest

We can’t imagine spending a peaceful summertime with a Frenchie without having the following French bulldog cooling vest. Since this Frenchie shirt features a heat-resistant fabric, it can help your pet to spend more time outside during the warm weather. The vet should be worn wet in order to provide your Frenchie with a cooling effect. You can choose between two colors, and carry it in a practical plastic bottle that comes with a vest.

french bulldog shirts


Solid Dog Polo by Frenchie World®

Having a basic piece of wardrobe is one of the must-have French bulldog shirts for the summer season. This chic and sporty shirt features a skin-friendly cotton fabric. It’s an ideal pick when you want to protect your pet from seasonal pollen and other allergy triggers. Some French bulldogs can be prone to allergies, so wearing clothes can really save them from being itchy.

french bulldog shirts

I Love My Mom Dog Hoodie

What could be a better piece of wardrobe for your little gremlin? Frenchie moms simply adore seeing their batpigs wearing this adorable shirt that can be an ideal pick for colder spring days. It has high-quality printing on the dog’s back and represents a cute gift for French bulldog moms.  You can choose between 4 colors and many sizes and even match it with a padded vest on cold days.

french bulldog shirts

Lady Bunny French Bulldog Sweatshirt

The celebration of Easter is just around the corner! Therefore, one of the most important tasks of every dog owner is to find a festive outfit for his/her dog. This pick will probably be one of the favorite French bulldog shirts that will turn your pooch into an adorable Easter bunny. This shirt is warm, cozy, and ideal to wear on chilly spring days. 

french bulldog shirts


Pineapple Set French Bulldog T-shirt

No summer will be complete without a juicy Pineapple! Therefore, why not turn your pet into a fresh and lovely pineapple by dressing her in this Frenchie shirt. It comes with a cute clutch bag and the collar resembles a pineapple’s leaves.

frenchie shirt

French Bulldog Sailor Sweatshirt

From now on, you’ll have your own sailor with whom you’ll sail through the hot summer days. We are sure your Frenchie will look handsome in this lightweight and trendy summer shirt. Besides your dog can wear it as a trendy piece of wardrobe, it will also serve as a protection from the hot sunrays.
shirt for a frenchie

French Bulldog Summer Cooling Jacket

This is the ultimate solution for keeping your dog safe in the summer! It’s made of breathable mesh that allows skin to breathe. Besides, it comes with a backpack that features cold-sensitive pack of gel. To use this summer shirt on your Frenchie, you should place the gel packs to cool off in the fridge for 30min before wearing. Put the gel packs in the backpack and let your Frenchie enjoy the time spent outdoors. 
frenchie shirts
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