BARF Diet For French Bulldogs

barf diet

Unlike most other dog breeds that don’t show intolerance to eating dry kibble or canned food, French bulldogs require a bit different nutrition. BARF diet (Biologically appropriate raw food for dogs) seems to be the perfect choice for Frenchies because of their tendency to develop allergies and gastrointestinal problems.

The benefits of feeding your French bulldog with BARF diet

As a dog owner, you’re probably wondering what are the best ingredients that you can add to your furry friend’s diet. When you feed your pooch with dry kibble or canned food, the only thing left is to believe in what is written on the label. Despite there is a great choice of canned and dry kibble dog food, a specially-tailored menu is something that will best fit Frenchie’s sensitive body.

When you count the amount of money you spend on buying canned or dry kibble dog food, the BARF diet is not only a healthier but also a cheaper choice. Let me remind you of something. Dogs are carnivores that lived in packs thousands of years ago and their genetic material remained almost the same.

french bulldog health and care

It means that dogs in the past used to eat raw meat and other fresh ingredients to survive. Their bellies are ‘made’ to digest raw food. In other words, French bulldogs require the same type of nutrition as their wild relatives in order to stay healthy.

When we talk about feeding a French bulldog with the BARF diet, I assure you that it will improve your dog’s energy level and mood. Other benefits that a dog will experience are healthy skin, a shiny coat, and healthy teeth that implies reduced vet visits.

The first step…

Let’s admit! You’re probably afraid to switch your Frenchie to a raw food diet. Some of the most common questions I hear from people are: ‘‘Is it safe for my dog? How to know what amount of meat to use? What other ingredients to put?”

My answer is that it is completely safe as long as you take care of the freshness of meat. When you buy meat for your pooch, the best way for keeping it safe for use is to wash it, cut it into pieces, and then freeze it.

I also advise you to choose the appropriate feeding bowl for your Frenchie as well. Here you can find a great assortment of different feeding bowls, and the best pick for the BARF diet is a stainless steel bowl that is easy to clean and more sterile than others.

barf diet

How to tailor the BARF diet for your Frenchie?

Ideally, the BARF diet should consist of raw meat (25-75 %), and so-called natural additives. Natural additives represent organ meat, veggies, supplements, and bones. The percentage of meat depends on your French bulldog’s age and energy level. If you own a puppy or a pregnant Frenchie, they require a meat-based diet – from 50-75 % of meat. On the other hand, adult and older batpigs don’t need more than 25 % of meat in their diet.

What to pay attention to?

Dogs, and especially puppies, require a source of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. They are especially important for keeping your Frenchie’s joints, teeth, hips, and bones healthy. While bones are rich in minerals, meat is rich in phosphorus. It means that you should add calcium to your dog’s diet.

You can use a calcium supplement or include in 1/3 of your dog’s meal fish, and eggshells. I don’t recommend raw eggs and eggs in general for Frenchies since they may cause allergies. I also suggest you not to feed your French bulldog with chicken heads and skin as well.

Keep away from sugar and unhealthy snacks

We all know that Frenchies are greedy eaters that will always beg for more food. However, I highly suggest you escape feeding your pet with unhealthy snacks between meals. Instead of dry industrial snacks, you can use fresh fruits for your Frenchie. Fruits are great because they are low in calories and are rich in natural sugar. Natural sugar is a healthier option than industrial sugar. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean you should feed your Frenchie with fruits every day. I advise you to do that occasionally (3 days a week), and the rest 4 days to reward him with vegetable snacks.

Another way of preparing RAW MEAL for your Frenchie

Raw diet for your Frenchie can also include cooked veggies, rice + raw meat. From meat, it’s good to use chicken breast, beef, pork, fish, rabbit, venison, and duck. I also give an advantage to fish since it’s rich in Omega 3-fatty acids that improve the health of your dog’s skin. You should also allow your Frenchie to chew on bones, but not to leave him unsupervised. In order to prevent him from choking, you can give him softer bones and cut the meat and other ingredients into pieces.

By choosing the BARF diet for your French bulldog, you can be sure that he will become more active, energized, and healthy. Do not forget that improving your dog’s nutrition means that you’re improving your dog’s quality of life as well.


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