The Best Winter Coats For French Bulldogs

french bulldog coat

Choosing the best winter coats for French bulldogs might sound challenging because of their short, round, and stout bodies. At the same time, these cute pooches have to wear protective clothing to stay warm, so preparing their wardrobe for cold months is certainly not a waste of money.

What are the best winter coats for French bulldogs in 2020?

Just like your Frenchie needs to wear cooling clothes in the summer, he also needs to wear extra layers to stay away from hypothermia. French bulldogs have one-layered coats, brachycephalic skulls, and short legs that make them susceptible to absorb temperature from the ground. To help your dog to deal with cold temperatures, we suggest you choose winter coats for French bulldogs. They are made of windproof and water-resistant fabrics, so your pet will be able to roll in the snow, jumps, and spend more time outside.

Futuristic French Bulldog Feather Jacket

If you want your dog to look both spotted and safe from cold weather, then this might be the jacket you would like to buy. It’s filled with feather and down, so your pooch will get total protection from cold. It’s crafted in a gorgeous neon plum color and features a zipper closure.

best coats for french bulldogs

French Bulldog Winter Panel Hooded Jacket

Another pick of winter coats for French bulldogs we adore is the following Hooded Jacket. It features fluffy faux hood fur, button closure, and multicolor design. Since it’s sleeveless, your pooch can wear it over a sweater or a hoodie for better protection.

best winter coats for french bulldogs

Frenchie World Warm Dog Jacket

Inspired by the human’s winter wear, the Frenchie World Warm Dog Jacket is available in two pastel colors. The jacket is padded and features a hood with rich faux fur. Besides, there are fancy pockets on the back where you can place the poop bags when going to strolls.

winter coats for french bulldogs

Reversible French Bulldog Waterproof Jacket

If you’re looking for a 2 in 1 solution for your dog, then you gotta check this Reversible Jacket for French bulldogs. You can switch between orange and navy color whenever you want and you’ll always have a different coat for your Frenchie. It’s padded with warm felt, and the turtle neck comes with buttons. It can be used in windy weather for extra warmth.

Chill Winter Dog Jacket

Fully lined with soft plush, this is one of the warmest winter coats for French bulldogs. It is available in 4 colors, and can be worn over a hoodie or a sweater for superior warmth. The hood is decorated with rich faux fur, while the backside pockets bring the sporty vibes.

winter coats for french bulldogs

Christmas Elk Winter Jacket

Bring festive and holiday vibes into your home by choosing this French bulldog jacket for the winter season. It is embellished with lovely elks and snowflakes while the hood is enriched with faux fur.

coats for french bulldogs

Winter Dog Coat With Fur

For all those owners who pay attention to their dogs’ styles, we’ve prepared this winter coat with fur. It is perfect for special occasions, and features a high turtle neck that protects the dog’s neck from cold.

frenchie jacket

Waxed Canvas Jacket (Removable Hood)

This is definitely one of the warmest winter coats for French bulldogs because it’s filled with thick felt. The hood is removable and the jacket comes in different colors. It’s perfect to be worn on cold winter days because it’s made of high-quality raw material, soft and comfortable, which provides constant temperature and breathability.

Winter Warm Down Jacket

The high belly cut, elastic cuffs, and windproof fabric is something that we like the most about this French bulldog jacket. You can choose between grey and red colors, and thanks to button closure, you’ll be able to easily dress on and take off your pooch.

Two-Tone Reflective Waterproof Dog Jacket

One of the features we especially like about this jacket is that it has a double D ring on the back to attach the leash. Therefore, you won’t need to use a collar or a harness. The jacket is available in different colors and comes with a reflective stripe alongside the back.

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