Boston Terrier VS French Bulldog- Everything You Need To Know


If you are searching for alert, playful and compact dogs that easily fit the different environments, I doubt you will find it challenging to choose between a French bulldog and Boston terrier. Surprisingly, both breeds look pretty similar for most people. Therefore, it can be difficult to distinguish between this two squishy-faced and adorable dogs.
Beyond their funny and cute features, they have many differences and similarities. These loveable dogs are affectionate, friendly, and become excellent pets. However, knowing their distinguishing features will help you become a responsible pet parent. Let’s compare the Boston Terrier VS French bulldog!

boston terrier vs french bulldog

Boston Terrier VS French bulldog- A few words about their history

Boston terrier has got its name from Boston Massachusetts. It is an American-born breed, which is a result of cross-breeding between English white terrier and English bulldog. Boston terrier is the first non-sporting dog in America.
A French bulldog, on the other hand, has the same ancestry as Boston terrier (English bulldog), but it was bred in France.  The breed originated during the industrial revolution when English lace-makers brought small toy dogs to France. 

boston terrier vs. french bulldog

Appearance – Boston Terrier VS French Bulldog

The first characteristic people can notice on Frenchies and Bosties are their wide opened ears. However, they are not completely the same. Boston terrier’s ears have sharp edges, while Frenchie’s ears are oval-shaped.

Besides, Frenchies possess a larger bone structure and muscular build. Boston terriers have elegant bodies, they are slimmer and have longer legs.
Terrier is 41 cm tall and weighs 7 to 13 kg.  With their stocky frame, the French bulldog is 21 to 30 cm tall and weighs up to 15 kg.


boston terrier vs french bulldog

Markings and Color

Terrier is known as an American Gentleman because of its tuxedo-style and black and white seal marking. Frenchie, on the other hand, comes in different colors like fawn, white and black. Besides, Frenchies can come in a wide variety of rare colors such as lilac, blue, merle, and isabella.

Activity Level

Although both breeds require moderate exercise, the terrier is more active and energetic than the Frenchie. When it comes to releasing pent-up energy, terriers love jumping, fetching, and running. It makes a great running partner.
The heavier build of a French bulldog is what makes it a little lazy, but not less excitable or playful. It also loves jumping and running. The exuberant dog is fond of long walks.

Personalities of Boston terrier VS French bulldog

If you are judging the personalities of these dogs from their sizes, then you are mistaken. Both are loving breeds and are excellent companions. They are lively, intelligent and have an amazing disposition.

Training of Boston terrier Vs. French bulldog

Both Boston Terrier and a French bulldog are easy-to-train dogs and have excellent learning abilities. They are obedient and good listeners.  I found my French bulldog a little dodger and stubborn in the beginning, but with positive reinforcement and training techniques, I saw great changes. I suggest you use food as the main motivational tool for training. Besides, using toys and especially interactive toys will do a lot when you need ideas for rewarding.

boston terrier vs french bulldog

Wrapping up

Whether you choose a Boston terrier or Frenchie, both breeds have wonderful qualities to become your loyal companions. They easily fit any type of family, so whether you have kids or you live solo, these pooches will simply adore staying by your side. They belong to companion breeds, so they become a bit clingy if you don’t teach them to spend time in the crate. A crate is not referred only to a closed space, but also to a dog’s bed or area of safety.

Therefore, whatever dog breed you choose, you gotta know that these dogs love attention. They might be small in size, but have huge hearts that make them friends for life.


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