Can French Bulldogs Fly? Revealed!

can french bulldogs fly

If you’ve decided that you want to travel with your French Bulldog by plane, then you might want to know whether French bulldogs are allowed to fly. Since they belong to brachycephalic dogs, many airlines don’t permit them to fly in cargo for an important reason. Unfortunately, you might have heard that the trip may end up fatal due to the Frenchies’ restricted airflow syndrome. Since they’re considered for a companion breed,  any sudden change of environment represents a stressful situation that can have a tragic ending. Therefore, let’s find out can French bulldogs fly and how they should be allowed to fly?

can french bulldogs fly

Can French bulldogs fly? What do you need to know

When traveling with a French bulldog, you should take necessary precautions before you board on the plane. Since many airlines have many restrictions on specific brachycephalic dog breeds, my advice is to examine in detail under which conditions are they allowed to fly.

When I travel with my Frenchie by plane, I choose airlines that allow me to travel with a pet in a cabin. In that way, you’ll not only provide your dog with a safe feeling but will also escape a tragedy. Most airlines usually charge between 100-250 $ for a ’pet ticket’. Therefore, if you want to spend a holiday with your pet, I suggest you choose this option.

can french bulldogs fly

Why you shouldn’t allow a Frenchie to fly in cargo?

As we already mentioned, Frenchies shouldn’t be allowed to fly in cargo due to their brachycephalic skulls. Their breathing can become restricted at high attitudes in cargo holds because the temperature may vary from extremely hot to extremely cold.

Since these pooches are prone to heat stroke and hypothermia, traveling in cargo shouldn’t be a wise decision for your pooch.

can french bulldogs fly

What do you need to bring when traveling with a French bulldog?

Not only you but also your little gremlin needs to get ready for the trip. Therefore, it’s essential to pack the following essentials to make your dog’s trip comfy and safe.

First of all, it’s important to choose a specific part of the day for traveling. Depending on the climate of the country you’re visiting, you should choose early morning or late evening hours.

Food and Drink

When we talk about the items that will make your trip easier, food and water are the most important. Bring a portable water bottle with an added extension that looks like a water bowl.

The following Frenchie World bottle represents a 2 in 1 solution because it has two bulkheads for food and water. The lid can be used as a bowl, and you can attach it to your backpack.

water bottle

Warp up your pup during winter

Another important item is a French bulldog blanket that will provide your pup with warmth during cold winter trips.

Choose a French bulldog carrier

Choosing an airplane-allowed dog carrier is a ‘must-have’ item. It should be made in the appropriate size, should have ventilation holes, and must be leak-proof. Besides, your pet should be able to stand up and move freely inside of it.

It should also be mentioned that some airlines have a weight restriction. Usually, the limit is 20 pounds, so it might be challenging to find an airline company that will allow bigger Frenchies to fly in the cabin. Since they may exceed up to 28 pounds, you should carefully get all the information before traveling.

Pet relief areas

If your trip lasts for several hours, I advise you to search for airlines that have pet relief areas. They usually have spots with artificial grass that can be flushed after your dog finish the potty.

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