How Do I Know If My French Bulldog Has Demodectic Mites?

demodectic mites in french bulldogs

Demodectic mites in French bulldogs are caused by Demodex canis. This parasite lives in the hair follicles of dogs and it’s shaped like a cigar with 8 legs. In most cases, demodectic mange will cause no harm as long as your pet has a strong immunity. It often affects dogs who are younger than 12 or 18 months.


The most common types of Demodectic Mites in French bulldogs


Localized Demodectic Mites in French bulldogs

Localized mites can be described as isolated patches of baldness and hair thinning. Since Frenchies have numerous folds on their bodies, the first signs of baldness usually appear on their faces.

Besides, small patches of hair thinning can also be seen on the front legs or chest. Other symptoms may include itchiness and scaly irritated skin. Most localized demodectic mites disappear suddenly, but an exception can be a history of mange in your dog’s family.

Generalized Demodectic Mites in French Bulldogs

Untreated localized demodectic mites can progress into a generalized form. We can describe this condition as a widespread skin irritation followed by itchiness and licking. It requires immediate treatment in order to escape a secondary skin infection.

Pododermatitis in French bulldogs

Pododermatitis affects the dog’s paws that become very painful and itchy. The French bulldog’s paws become bald, swollen, and full of hot spots. Besides topical creams, your pet will need antibiotic treatment too.

Are demodectic mites in French bulldogs contagious?

No, demodectic mites are not contagious and they can’t be transmitted to other dogs and humans. Puppies can get them from their mothers during the first days of life.  They have weak immunities, so they’ll be more susceptible to this parasite. Only dogs with poor immune systems or those who suffer from certain illnesses can get demodectic mites. 

demodectic mites in french bulldogs

How is this parasite diagnosed in French bulldogs?

Besides observing the previously mentioned symptoms, your vet will take a deep skin scrap for examination. Demodectic mites are easy to recognize under a microscope.

How to treat demodectic mites in French bulldogs?

This parasite can be treated by different dog shampoos that contain benzoyl peroxide. They open the hair follicles that is the first step to get rid of these nasty critters. Other treatments include topical creams and antibiotics in case a dog developed wounds due to itchiness.

In case of severe conditions, a vet can also decide whether a dog needs an injectable form of doramectin. It is often used in the treatment of demodectic mites.

demodectic mites in french bulldogs

Besides, you will need to invest in building your pet’s immunity. Your Frenchie should eat a healthy and well-balanced diet in order to boost his health. Different dog supplements can also help especially Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

What is the prognosis for my Frenchie?

Your pooch can win the battle against demodectic mites only in case he builds immunity. Since it plays the most important role, the successful treatment may take a long time. By using the right medicines, you can also successfully treat them, however, your Frenchie may also require regular skin scrapings to check the progress of the treatment.




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