Do French Bulldogs Drool A Lot?

french bulldogs drool

Dogs drool for many reasons. In most cases, it can be caused by eating and drinking but also may be a sign of an illness. ‘Do French bulldogs drool a lot’ is one of the questions you probably want to know. If you’re considering buying a Frenchie, this should be an important feature to take into account.

french bulldogs drool

The reasons why do French bulldogs drool a lot

French bulldogs can drool due to many reasons. In most cases, they drool after eating and drinking, but also after excessive exercise. However, if your Frenchie drools uncontrollably, it can be the sign of a much more serious issue. Let’s find out all the reasons why do French bulldogs drool a lot.

Excitement & Food

No one can show excitement like our dogs! These affectionate creatures run into our hugs like they haven’t seen us for years and such behavior can be one of the reasons for their drooling.

On the other hand, the smell of tasty food is another trigger that wakes up their senses of smell. French bulldogs drool from the same reason we salivate when we smell something yummy. Waiting for a tasty meal and hearing the sound of preparing the meal can cause your pooch to drool uncontrollably.

Anxiety or fear

You might don’t know, but French bulldogs are prone to suffer from separation anxiety. To escape this occurrence, you need to gradually teach your pet to spend time alone. Drooling is one of the symptoms because the fear and anxiety that a dog goes through can be severe. Besides drooling, a dog will pant, shake, and excessively lick his paws.

french bulldogs drol

Dental issues

A Frenchie who deals with dental issues and tartar and plaque collected can drool excessively. You can even find traces of blood in their saliva, so in that case, you should visit a vet in order to help your dog. Untreated bad breath, lumps in the mouth, and bloody gums can end up by tooth loss.

Teeth-growing process

Puppies who go through a teeth-growing process can drool a lot. Their gums are swollen, red, and irritated, so chewing different dog toys can be helpful. Besides, you can use different cooling-gels that are safe for dogs and apply them to your pet’s gums.

Heat Stroke in French bulldogs

As you already know, Frenchies are on a higher tendency to get a heat stroke due to their brachycephalic skulls. Therefore, you should be especially careful when going outside in the summer. Choose cooler parts of the day, and pay attention to your dog’s hydration to avoid this issue. Drooling can be the sign of overheating, and in that case, you should help your pooch cool off immediately.

Using cooling beds for French bulldogs and dressing them into cooling vests can help a lot.

french bulldogs drool

Motion sickness

Not only humans but also our dogs can suffer from motion sickness. Therefore, I recommend you pay attention to your dog’s body language while traveling. To help your Frenchie easier overcome the journey, you should avoid overfeeding him before the trip.

Besides, you can also place his dog seat forward, and to leave one window open.


Dogs will drool if they ate, licked, or sniffed something poisonous. It could be the plant, floor-cleaning chemical, or even a drug your Frenchie tried. In that case, you should immediately see a vet to perform gastric lavage.

Other reasons why can French bulldogs drool

Other reasons for your Frenchie’s drooling can be:

  • mouth injuries
  • rabies
  • different organ diseases
  • drooling while sleeping

The most important thing to spot if your dog excessively drools is to observe the accompanying symptoms. Shaking, trembling, lethargy, loss of consciousness, vomiting, diarrhea, and other signs can help you to determine the trigger.

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