Do French Bulldogs Get Cold?

can french bulldogs be left outside

If you ever wondered do French bulldogs get cold at night, the answer is YES. Frenchies are not capable to live in outdoor conditions. Since they have brachycephalic skulls and short coats and legs, they can’t tolerate cold weather.

Can French bulldogs be left outside?

French bulldogs should not be left outside because they quickly lose heat. Due to their elongated soft palates, Frenchies may experience breathing issues that affect regulating their body temperature. A similar situation happens in summer too. These lovely pooches can quickly get heatstroke when they go for a walk in hot weather. That’s why Frenchie owners should keep on eye their behavior and body language to prevent them from dehydration.

can french bulldogs be left outside

Do French bulldogs get cold? How to recognize the symptoms?

Just like in humans, the signs of feeling cold are easy to spot. A Frenchie that goes through hypothermia will start to shiver, tremble and lift legs. Leg lifting usually happens during a walk on icy pavements. Therefore, it would be good to prevent your pup from getting frostbites and paw burns by wearing dog booties. Regardless of the time of the year, taking care of French bulldog paws is essential.

Other signs that point out that your Frenchie is feeling cold are:

  • refusal to go outside
  • decreased heart rate
  • breathing issues
  • cold skin, loss of conscious

Hot to help a Frenchie to feel warm?

Keep the walks short

As a French bulldog breeder with more than 20 years of experience, I recommend you not to take your batpig to long strolls during winter. It’s always better to perform 4 or 5 shorter walks instead of taking a dog to 2 long ones.

Wear winter clothes

Since Frenchies don’t belong to mountain dog breeds, they require wearing dog clothes. Besides they have short hair, their bellies are close to the ground. So, that might be one of the reasons why they are on a higher tendency to catch a cold.

The Frenchie World store offers a great assortment of clothing that is carefully selected to suit this breed. Since we all know that French bulldogs have a specific body built (thick necks, short legs, and round bellies), they can’t fit every piece of clothes.

do french bulldogs get cold

When choosing the clothes for a French bulldog, it’s recommended to choose a waterproof jacket or a jumpsuit. It’s the only way to provide a dog with full-body protection that will prevent his coat from getting wet.

Wear waterproof dog boots

Every dog can experience many benefits of wearing dog boots. It might look funny to see your dog’s first reaction when you put his shoes on. However, it’s the only way to provide him with full paw protection.

Paw pads contain hundreds of receptors that help in regulating body temperature. They are actually the only part of their bodies where they sweat. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the pads soft and moist. By regular using Paw balm, a Frenchie can be prevented of cracked, dry and irritated skin from walking of harmful surfaces. The following one presents the perfect mix of natural ingredients such as olive oil, beeswax, and White Germ oil that are known as natural bacterial fighters too.

do french bulldogs get cold

Choose a warm place for sleeping

Besides all the previously mentioned facts, choosing a warm bed to spend winter months is one of the most important tasks when owning a Frenchie. French bulldogs like the snuggled and confined feeling. Their beds are the places where they spend a big part of their lives since they belong to low-energy breeds. And, there’s nothing better than providing a dog to sleep in a comfy bed that will suit its age and needs.

Older pooches that suffer from painful joints are recommended to sleep on orthopedic beds. They contain a layer of memory foam that changes shape according to a dog’s sleeping position. The following orthopedic dog bed is available in many sizes and is made of high-density orthopedic foam.

dog bed

On the other hand, there are Frenchies who prefer sleeping in dog houses. There are lots of studies that claim the beneficial effect they leave on anxious dogs. The confined space makes a depressed dog feel more relaxed to spend time alone.

dog house

Are you still wondering do French bulldogs feel cold? With the right tips, there’s no way that you won’t succeed in making your pup feel warm this winter season!

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