Do French Bulldogs Need Special Feeding Bowls?


If you are a French bulldog owner, then you’re probably familiar with this breed’s tendency to choke and eat fast. Frenchies sound like they literally inhale the food, so choosing the right feeding bowl for them is over needed. However, do you know what to look for when buying one for your Frenchie? We’ve selected 6 best French bulldog bowls that will prevent them from fast eating and promote a healthy posture.

What to look for when buying a French bulldog feeding bowl?


A feeding bowl for a Frenchie can be made of different materials. Usually, dogs suit best stainless steel and ceramic bowls because unlike plastic ones they’re easy to clean. Besides, some pooches may show allergies to plastic bowls, so owners often avoid buying them for their dogs.


The shape is another feature you should carefully select when buying a bowl for your little gremlin. Some Frenchies find it best to eat from elevated bowls that come with a holder. Senior dogs who suffer from painful joints and arthritis will have less pressure by eating from elevated French bulldog feeding bowls.


Depending on your dog’s age, you should choose the appropriate size that will suit the amount of food your dog eats.

Anti-choke feature

French bulldogs tend to eat very fast because their flat skulls make them incapable to reach food properly. Fast eating is especially seen in younger dogs, so the best solution will be to buy an anti-choke feeding bowl with an integrated rotating bone in the middle.

What are the best French bulldog feeding bowls for French bulldogs?

To help you make the right decision, we’ve selected the 7 best food bowls to make your dog’s meals more pleasant.

Frenchie Anti-Bloat Feeding Bowl

Specially crafted to suit the French bulldog breed, this feeding bowl features zig-zag pattern to make your dog work for his food. The bowl will slow down the dog’s eating and teach him to work for his meal. It’s the best way to teach your pet good eating habits, and prevent him from choking.


Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl

This French bulldog bowl is another pick for greedy eaters who can’t control their appetite. It features a rotating bone in the middle that will move as your dog tries to reach the food. In that way, your pet will slow down his time of eating and have less gasses.

French Bulldog Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl

Unlike other French bulldog bowls, this one may also serve as an interactive feeding toy that will keep your pet occupied while spending time alone. Since French bulldogs are prone to suffer from separation anxiety, we need to gradually train them to spend time home alone.

Octagon Elevated French Bulldog Bowl

This ceramic feeding bowl for your Frenchie will be an ideal choice for pooches who deal with painful joints. The bowl is available in gorgeous colors, and it’s a safe solution for pooches who develop allergic reactions by eating from plastic ones.

Limited Edition Bronze Dog Bowl

For all owners of slow eater and lovers of classic feeding bowls, this one may become the best choice. Stainless steel dog bowls are dishwasher safe, they don’t collect bacteria and germs. Therefore, even dogs with sensitive skin can use them for food and water.

Designer Elevated Dog Bowl

Thanks to slightly elevated design, this bowl provides a more ergonomic experience while eating, drinking, and snacking. It relieves stress on joints and bones for better posture and less pain while eating.

Ceramic Designer Dog Food Bowl

Standing taller than your dog’s classic bowls, this ceramic pick promotes a more comfortable height for eating and drinking. The sturdy base prevents sliding and tipping, and the unique shape of bowl adds a touch of style and elegance.

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