Dog Arthritis Symptoms – How to Help Your Frenchie?

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As French bulldogs age, they are prone to experience different skeletal issues and arthritis is only one of them. When we talk about dog arthritis symptoms, they can be noticed by observing your dog’s body language and behavior. Since it can grow into a very painful condition, it’s important to help your pooch on time.

dog arthritis symptoms

What causes arthritis in French bulldog?

There is a number of reasons for developing arthritis, and osteoarthritis is only one of them. Dog arthritis symptoms occur when there is an inflammation in a dog’s joints and bones. It’s a progressive disease that affects the articular cartilage that covers the bones, so it can become severe with time.

The first type of arthritis in French bulldogs is caused by degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis), while another type is triggered by inflammation. In case when a Frenchie suffers from degenerative joint disease, he starts to gradually develop severe cushion to the bones. On the other hand, inflammatory arthritis occurs when a dog suffers from a chronic bacterial or fungal infection.

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As your French bulldog starts to lose cartilage, his bones lose their natural protection as well. Unfortunately, it leads to a number of symptoms such as:

  • inability to climb the stairs
  • swollen and painful joints
  • gaining weight
  • dog’s tiredness
  • strange posture while walking
  • bunny hopping/ limping
  • muscle atrophy
  • chewing and licking certain body parts (paws)
dog arthritis symptoms

How to help a French bulldog to deal with arthritis?

Buying the right dog bed

Although it sounds silly, the quality and softness of your dog’s bed affect his health a lot. Every Frenchie needs to have his own sleeping place where he will feel safe and relaxed. Dog beds are not only great tools for teaching a dog to spend time alone but also to perform a crate training.

When we talk about prevention of arthritis, it’s extremely important for a French bulldog to sleep on a cozy bed that will provide support to his painful joints. The following Frenchie World Donut Cuddler Bed will make your pooch sleep like he’s in heaven. It’s soft and allows a dog to burrow into for getting the maximum comfort. The faux fur is removable and washable, so you can keep the bed clean any time.

dog arthritis symptoms

For helping your Frenchie to deal with arthritis pains, I suggest you check the Self Cooling French bulldog house. It consists of a heat absorption fabric that will provide a pleasant cooling effect on your dog’s swollen joints. It is also great for preventing your Frenchie from overheating during the summer months.

Another important essential that every Frenchie owner needs to have is this self-cooling pad. It is filled with silicone cooling gel and waterproof fabric to prevent your pooch from unplanned messes. Note that older dogs are prone to experience bladder issues, so this dog mat can really become a life savior option.

The gel works best when is put out of sunlight and will surely decrease your dog’s arthritis symptoms.

Provide your dog relaxing baths

For releasing dog arthritis symptoms, vets also recommend pleasant massages and warm baths. Using different topical anti-inflammatory creams and spray will also help a lot. Since French bulldogs are prone to suffer from allergies, I recommend you to check on the following Frenchie World bath salt. It doesn’t sting eyes and will not cause any skin irritations.

dog arthritis symptoms

Choose the appropriate feeding bowl

I bet you’re wondering why would your Frenchie need a special bowl in case of suffering from arthritis. Well, the answer is simple. Elevated dog feeding bowls can prevent bloating and give support to your Frenchie’s short necks and painful joints. Frenchie World Elevated dog bowl is available in multiple colors and will certainly help an older pooch not to make extra pressure to his bones while eating.

Change your dog’s diet

In dealing with dog arthritis symptoms, I always recommend Frenchie owners to change their diets. French bulldogs are not only prone to experience stomach flatulence due to inappropriate nutrition, but are also on a higher tendency to become obese. Obesity can cause even stronger pains in their spine, hips, and joints and lead them to lose energy quickly.

Since these furry batpigs belong to brachycephalic breeds, obesity can cause issues with breathing as well. Therefore, I recommend you to avoid food rich in artificial colors, carbohydrates, and by-products. The BARF diet for French bulldogs is definitely one of the best solutions because in that way your pooch will eat only fresh and natural ingredients.

Medicine usage for a dog’s arthritis symptoms

For slowing down the damage of the cartilage and for improving the dog’s mobility, vets often recommend different medicines to control a dog’s pains. Steroidal drugs are the best, however, long usage can cause serious side effects.

Surgery is the last option

In case all the previously mentioned tips don’t work for your dog, the last option your vet will advise you is the surgery. Frenchies that suffer from severe joint damage need to go through the joint replacement surgery.

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