Everything You Need To About The French Bulldog’s Heat Cycle?

breathing problems in french bulldogs

If you decided to live with a Frenchie female, then dealing with her heat cycle will be one of the things to expect. Spayed French bulldog females don’t go into heat, but if you’re planning to breed your four-legged princess, this is an inevitable part of her life.

When does a Frenchie female get the first heat?

Frenchie females go into their first heat cycle when they’re approximately 6-9 months old. Your Frenchie is going to be in heat, which means she can get pregnant so you need a plan for when this happens. Your job as an owner will depend on how much effort is willing to put into taking care of your pet and preventing her from having an unwanted litter. We all know how much fun puppies are to have around, but they can be a lot of work. Finding an appropriate home is difficult in itself and not only do the mischief-makers make your life more challenging; you also need to clean up after them!

french bulldog's heat

How often does a French bulldog female go into heat?

Female dogs go into heat every 5-6 months. The French Bulldog’s heat cycle can be irregular in the first year, and after it, you should notice whether her reproductive patterns are settling in. When a dog reaches 6 years of age, her fertility will start to weaken. Just like in humans, the biological clock in our dogs is ticking too.

How to recognize whether my Frenchie is in heat?

You should observe your dog’s body language and other body signs:

  • Swollen vulva
  • Licking the genital region
  • Increased urination
  • Nervous behavior
  • Bleeding of the vulva
  • Clingy behavior

french bulldog's heat

The proestrus stage in the French bulldog’s heat

How long does the bleeding in French bulldog heat last? It’s a process known as proestrus, which lasts for 4 to 20 days and is characterized by vaginal discharge. The male tends toward females but they aren’t interested in mating at this time because it can be too early on their cycle- before estrus has properly begun! The estrogen levels are rising during the proestrus stage, and the follicles (eggs) start developing.

The Estrus stage in the French bulldog’s heat

While the female is in the estrus stage, she can get pregnant. The vulva becomes swollen and yellowish-colored with watery vaginal discharge as well. The female French bulldog’s hormone levels are at their peak during this time, which means she’ll be able to attract more attention from males. This also attracts aggression in other females and may lead them into fights – so if you don’t want your pup bred then keep her away from canine competitors!

french bulldog's heat

The Diestrus stage in the French bulldog’s heat

Your dog will go through a third stage of the reproductive cycle. It usually lasts 60 days and includes physical changes like her vulva returning to normal and absence of discharge. During this stage, your dog can even show the pregnancy symptoms even though she isn’t. The symptoms of fake pregnancy are followed by lethargy, aggression, depression, nesting, nursing, gaining weight due to accumulation of water in the body, and loss of appetite.

The Anestrus stage in the French bulldog’s heat

Your dog’s body is going through the final preparation for the next period during this stage. This stage is followed by normal behavior and there aren’t any unusual signs to spot.

What do I need for my Frenchie who’s in heat?

Since you certainly don’t want to find messes all around your living place, it’s important to buy dog diapers. Besides disposable diapers, you can also try using washable diapers. Since French bulldogs don’t have tails, it would be best to buy dog diapers without a hole for a tail.

Wet wipes are also essential since you’ll need to clean the tail pocket and area around your dog’s vulva. Warm baths can also be of great help to ease your Frenchie’s anxiety and uncomfortable stomach pains.

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