Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

reasons to own a french bulldog

Choosing the right dog breed for your family might sound challenging, especially if you live in a large one. Since I’m often asked from my clients are French bulldogs aggressive and do they present a good fit for families with kids, I decided to talk about this topic.

are french bulldogs aggressive

Why are Frenchies so popular?

If we peak into the list of the most popular dogs in the world, we will discover that Frenchies take a high 4th position in homes of the USA and the first place in homes of the UK. So, what does it mean? It means that Frenchies easily fit any type of family and environment. They perfectly suit apartment living conditions since they don’t need much exercise. However, what about their aggression? Are French bulldogs aggressive when they find themselves in ‘danger’ or some other unusual situation?

Well, we can’t forget the fact that these furry gremlins are dogs after all. It means that they are animals who are learned to defend themselves in certain situations. Since all dogs pull their roots back to their ancestors – wolfs, we need to keep in mind that aggression is in their blood.

are french bulldogs aggressive

Are French bulldogs aggressive? -Revealed

No dog will act aggressively if the owner properly tailors his/her personality. In other words, your dog’s behavior will only depend on you. Just like with kids, you’re the only responsible for their personality and obedience. Speaking generally, French bulldogs don’t act aggressively. They adore playing with children and love to be involved in their families. Since they are considered for companion dogs, they don’t like to be left alone for a long time. So, you need to act very carefully when you want to teach your furry friend to get used to spending time alone. Otherwise, he/she can start suffering from a condition called separation anxiety.

The key to living with an obedient dog is in early socialization. A dog who hasn’t been properly socialized will tend to act aggressively in the future. So, what does early socialization mean?

It means that you need to take your French bulldog to meet people, other dogs and to be involved in everything you do. Listening to the sound of traffic, discovering new odors and encountering new things will affect the tailoring of your Frenchie’s personality.

are french bulldogs aggressive

Who is more aggressive? A Frenchie Female or a Male?

There is a common misconception that Frenchie males are more aggressive than females. However, this is not true at all. I have been a witness numerous times and saw how French bulldog females act aggressively and disobedient in a litter. When choosing a puppy, you simply can’t predict what the temperament will look like in the future.

For example, females can act territorial and nervous when they are pregnant or in case they’ve just had a delivery. On the other hand, French bulldog males can act aggressively when they ‘smell’ the danger to their family or toward other dogs of the same sex.

To escape these issues, I recommend you to teach your puppy to spend time with unknown dogs from its early puppyhood. In that way, you’ll build your dog’s personality, confidence, so he/she will have less inclinations to show unwanted behavior.

Another situation when you need to pay attention not to trigger your dog’s aggression is when you are looking to bring another dog in a family. Since Frenchies can easily become jealous, I advise you not to neglect him/her and to continue showing him/her affection.

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