French Bulldog And Pitbull Mix – Is It a Good Pet For You?

french bulldog and pitbull mix

The French Bulldog and Pitbull mix is a combination of two good-tempered and smart dogs. Many people have lots of questions in mind whenever they are trying to bring a hybrid dog to their home. Will it be aggressive? Will it be easy to train? What kind of personality a dog will have and so on. 

To understand a hybrid dog’s features, we must look at the seed dogs to understand the personality and character of offsprings. Let’s dig in and find out the distinctions and similarities involved in French Bulldog and American Pitbull Terrier. 

french bulldog and pitbull mix

What are The Main Distinctions Between Two Breeds

Temperament and Biting Potential

The French Bulldog has very low biting potential; on the other hand, chances of a bite from Pitbull are quite high. In temperament, a French Bulldog is known to be playful, easy-going and lively, while a Pitbull can show aggressiveness, strong will, and stubbornness. 

Health Comparison

Unfortunately, French Bulldog is bound to face many health issues and risks during his lifetime if it was not appropriately bred. That’s why you should know there is a huge difference between a 500$ and 5,000$ Frenchie. Allergies, Hip Dysplasia, and Intervertebral Disk disease are just a few to name. On the other hand, a Pitbull is most likely to live a healthy life.

Protection of Owner and the Family

Pitbull is famously known for their overprotective nature. They are always alert and ready to face any danger. Pitbull can even risk his life just to protect the owner. On the other hand, the French bulldog does not carry the same trait but he is taught to work alongside his owner. Frenchies belong to companion breeds, so the crossbreeding with American Pitbulls will result in producing loyal guards that will always follow their owners wherever they go.

What Do French Bulldog and Pitbull Have In Common

Although there are many distinctions in French Bulldog and Pitbull, you do not have to look far for similarities. There are many features that both dogs share. 

Intelligence and Trainability

French Bulldog and Pitbulls belong to quite easy dogs to train. They show the best obedience when you use good motivational tools such as dog toys and rewards. American Pitbull terrier doesn’t rank high on the list of most intelligent dogs. However, a Frenchie is quite intelligent, so these two breeds make a moderate level of intelligence.

Coat Type and Grooming

Both French Bulldog and Pitbull share a single coat made out of fur. The hair texture is straight, and the length is short. Luckily these dogs are the lowest maintenance dogs you will ever find and do not need a lot of time to be spent on their grooming. Brushing once in a week is more than enough to keep their coat in perfect condition. We suggest you tho check the following Dog grooming glove that will help you reach each spot on your dog’s body.

Climate – how does it affect a French bulldog and Pitbull mix?

Because of their one layer of coat, Bulldog and Pitbull prefer moderate weather conditions. Cold conditions could be hard on these dogs, so make sure to provide appropriate heating or cover in harsh winters. Dog clothes can be one of the options to provide your pet with an extra layer during the winter.

french bulldog and pitbull mix

What to Expect from French Bulldog and Pitbull Mix Breed

When you combine French bulldog and Pitbull, you get a designer dog that will be cleared out of different health issues. It will be a dog with a longer muzzle and a powerful and stout body. Unlike Frenchies, this crossbreed will be less prone to overheating, but will still need to wear clothes during colder months.

At the same time, you will get a dog who will become your loyal companion and fearless guard. His friendly nature and loyalty will be hard to resist. French bulldog and pitbull mix is a dog that will fit different types of families. If you train and socialize him well, he will become your companion for life.

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