What Are The Most Common French Bulldog Back Problems?

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French bulldogs are widely famous for their stout, muscular, and short bodies. Even though they are one of the most iconic-looking dog breeds in the world, some Frenchies can be susceptible to different health issues. Just like some dog breeds are more likely to have hip problems, or ear infections, French bulldog back problems usually occur because of their curled tails and short legs.

How to recognize French bulldog back problems?

Issues with a dog’s back can be noticed by observing its walking, moving, and standing up. If your dog limps and shows any sort of discomfort while walking, then you have to perform certain health checks. X-ray testing, magnetic resonance testing, and an experienced neurologist will help you determine whether your dog suffers from an issue in his back.

Intervertebral disc disease is one of the most common conditions that affect not only Frenchies but also many other dog breeds. IVDD causes a nerve compression that is followed by some degree of paralysis. It can occur suddenly and can even end up with a permanent inability to walk.

These are the most common symptoms that will point out if your Frenchie suffers from back problems:

  • Inability to walk normally
  • Holding the head low, ears back
  • Whining, panting, crying out, and arching the back
  • Dragging the toenails
  • Clumsy walking
  • Inability to jump or climb the stairs

french bulldog back problems

What is Intervertebral disc disease in French bulldogs?

The dog’s spine and neck consist of complex multiple bones lined up in a row. These bones are called vertebrae and they protect the spinal cord and transmit the commands to the brain. Since there is an intervertebral disc between each pair of vertebrae, it’s important to keep the discs healthy. The discs consist of a jelly part that can slip when your Frenchie is exposed to heavy training lessons.

french bulldog back problems

It’s also important to note that genetics and obesity can also trigger IVDD. That’s why you should buy French bulldog puppies only from reputable breeders. If your Frenchie has gained weight, then you gotta know that he will be more susceptible to experience spinal and hip issues. Therefore, changing the diet, and going to multiple daily strolls should become your dog’s new routine.

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How to treat French bulldog back problems?

Dogs who have developed mild signs of IVDD should have a longer time for rest. You should provide your pooch with a quality French bulldog bed that will be made of memory foam. Memory foam provides support to a dog’s spine and hips and shapes according to your pet’s sleeping position. Crate rest will be the best medication for painful back. Your pooch can have toys and water as long as he wants and the time for strolls should be limited to 10 min.

Performing surgery is the second option for dogs who can’t use the legs and deal with severe pains. If your Frenchie doesn’t show improvement despite medication and rest, there will be a 95% chance of getting better with surgery.

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