How Do I Get My French Bulldog To Stop Barking?

french bulldog barking

Many people agree that French bulldog barking is one of the most hilarious sounds their snouts produce. Frenchies are not considered excessive barkers, however, in some cases, these cute gremlins can become very strenuous and show certain behavioral issues.

Since excessive French bulldog barking can point out an underlying condition, every owner should learn how to recognize the signs of a problem.

french bulldog barking

French bulldog barking- Facts to know

As we all know, barking is the way dogs’ communicate. By producing different barking sounds, our pets express their happiness, feelings, alertness, anxiety, or pain. French bulldogs are famous for their quite natural and they usually don’t bark a lot. However, if you’ve noticed that your batpig started to do it excessively, our advice is to search for the root for such behavior.

Here are some of the reasons for the French bulldog barking.

  • Happiness

One of the reasons for a dog’s barking is happiness or excitement. When our pets see us coming home, they want to greet us by barking. On the other hand, French bulldog barking can also be the call for playing.

  • Alertness or jealousy

We all know that dogs are our guards who want to protect their territories. Therefore, it’s nothing strange to see your Frenchie’s barking when someone wants to occupy his bed, toys, or a feeding bowl. They can also bark due to jealousy, especially if you’ve just brought a second pet or a new family member to the house. Since Frenchies like being someone’s center of attention, falling into a second plan can cause certain behavioral issues. That’s why you should teach your little gremlin to act friendly and calm toward other dogs, cats, and unknown people. Early socialization is the key to achieving an easygoing, patient, sociable, and bright personality.

  • Anxiety

Excessive French bulldog barking is often a sign of anxiety. French bulldogs are not dogs who are capable to spend plenty of time alone. They’re known as pooches who are bred to work beside their owners. That’s why Frenchies should not be a choice of busy people who won’t be dedicated.

In case when the French bulldog suffers from separation anxiety, he will excessively bark, howl, and whine during the owner’s departure routine. Besides, an anxious dog will continue to bark to exhaustion, and will also show other unified symptoms. Chewing on home items, trying to run away, excessive paw licking, and self-destruction can be only some of the signs.

  • Pain

If none of the previously mentioned reasons trigger your French bulldog barking, then you should check if there is a hidden health issue. Your dog might deal with some pains due to an ear infection, or some other injury.

How to stop excessive French bulldog barking?

Since excessive dog barking can become nerve-wracking, our suggestion is to follow these tips to help him bark less.

  • Are you a calm person or you’re dealing with some stress?

This is the first question to ask yourself before starting to train your Frenchie to bark less. Since dogs can feel our emotions, it’s important to re-examine whether something affects your mood. If you’re dealing with stressful situations at work or home, your Frenchie might bark because he feels there’s something wrong with you.

french bulldog barking

  • Does your dog want your attention?

Spoiled dogs who have learned to get everything from their owners will excessively bark more often. Therefore, you should pay attention if your Frenchie barks when he wants to get a toy, snack, or some other item from you. Instead of yelling at him, we recommend you to teach your Frenchie to work for his reward. In that way, you’ll induce obedience, and that he can’t get everything at every minute.

  • Teach the dog the ‘quiet command’

To stop your Frenchie’s barking, you should speak the word ‘quiet’ in a calm and firm voice. Show your dog that you’re serious by showing him your corrective body language. Wait until he stops barking and reward him for success. We recommend you to perform this lesson daily until your Frenchie starts to respond to your first command.

french bulldog barking

  • Help your Frenchie release his pent-up energy

Excessive French bulldog barking can be triggered by an inability to release pent-up energy. Even though Frenchies are considered low-energy dogs, they require to go on daily walks. It’s important to note that the French bulldog’s personality can depend on his genetics. Therefore, if your dog’s parents were lively and playful, then you can expect to live with a witty mate that will always be in the mood for running and chasing.

You can help your pet stay entertained by using different French bulldog toys. To occupy your dog’s attention, interactive toys always sound like a good choice. You can fill them with dry kibble, peanut butter, or some other treats that your dog adores.





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