French Bulldog Beds – Top 7 Picks

french bulldog beds

If you have just brought a French bulldog puppy home, one of the first things you need to buy is a quality dog bed. French bulldog beds need to be chosen according to their unique body structure and a number of other factors. Note that sleeping place of your pooch can much affect his/her health and lifespan.

French bulldog beds – What to look for?

One of the first rules to follow when choosing a dog bed is your dog’s size. You certainly wouldn’t like to sleep in a bed where you won’t be able to spread all over it. So, if you are searching for French bulldog beds, I highly advise you to measure your furry friend’s body length in a lying position.

Another thing to take in mind is your dog’s sleeping habit. It means that you should observe on what side he/she prefers to sleep. Does he like to sleep on his belly and always search to find an edge to put his head? If the answer is yes, then you need to buy a dog bed with elevated edges.

Your Frenchie’s age is an important detail when searching for French bulldog beds. As dogs get old, they can start to suffer from painful joints and arthritis. In this case, memory foam dog beds and other orthopedic types of French bulldog beds can be of great help to deal with pains.

French Bulldog Bear Summer Cooling Mat

Since Frenchies belong to brachycephalic breeds, it’s also important to prevent them from overheating during summer. That’s why you need to have a summer problem solver- the self-cooling pad that will help your Frenchie to deal with high temperatures. The following dog bed is available in 3 sizes and can regulate your batpig’s body temperature in only a few minutes.

Italian Handmade French Bulldog Bed

In case your furry friend likes to put his head on the edges while sleeping, then this bed will become his favorite place for chilling. It’s filled with a soft orthopedic sponge that is especially suitable for older pooches that suffer from painful joints. The microsuede fabric is easy to clean and the pillow can be removed. Another great fact is that all the covers are removable and machine washable.

Crystal Velvet French Bulldog Nest Bed

For your little king or queen, the Frenchie World has prepared a special throne! The shape of the bed is perfect for pooches that like to snuggle and rest all day long. The velvet fabric is easy to clean with a wet cloth. The cover is also removable and can be washed in a machine. The bed is extremely soft and it’s available in 3 sizes.


Frenchie World® Cozy soft cave house

Does your furry friend enjoy lying by your side while you are watching TV? It’s true that you love your little gremlin to the Moon and back, however, I am sure you hate to find his hair all around. That’s why I suggest you to take a look at the following cozy cave house. You can put it on your sofa and allow your pooch to enjoy sleeping and resting by your side.

Tropical Self Cooling French Bulldog Mat

The following Self-cooling French bulldog mat presents a must-have item this summer. It’s filled with a cooling gel that doesn’t absorb the heat and helps your Frenchie in dealing with high temperatures. The fabric of the bed is waterproof, easy to clean and it works best when put outside of the direct sunlight.


French Bulldog Canopy Bed

This is one of our favorite French bulldog beds for four-legged princesses. The romantic design and a cozy and warm pillow will make your furry friend sleep like a baby. It is available in different colors and comes with a breathable curtain, bow design, and removable cusion.

This Frenchie bed can become a great addition to your home interior. During spring and summer seasons, you can set the canopy bed on your balcony or under the shadow of trees in your yard and allow your pooch to have a rest in the fresh air.

Striped Dog Tent (with cushion)

In case your Frenchie likes to search for a safe place where he can snuggle, then this modern dog tent can become a stylish addition to your place. The frame is made of Eucalyptus hardwood, while the fabric can be removed and washed in a machine. It is the perfect piece to hide their toys, beds, and accessories when your guests come over. This fun, cute and well-crafted tent adds some spunk to your decor.

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