French Bulldog Clothes- The Best Summer Picks

french bulldog clothes

Choosing French bulldog clothes is for many dog owners one of the most exciting moments in their lives. Since we treat our dogs are like our kids, it’s understandable why we love to dress them in cute and stylish outfits. On the other hand, sometimes it’s hard to find the one that will suit the Frenchie’s unique body proportions. That’s why we’ve selected the top 8 picks that will bring French bulldog clothing to a higher level.

Prepare your Frenchie for the summer season- The cutest French bulldog clothes

Getting ready for the warmest part of the year can’t go without buying some brand new French bulldog clothes for your little gremlin. Made with comfort and style in mind, the new summer collection from the Frenchie World definitely stands out from the crowd. Sneak into the cutest looks and enjoy the summertime with your pooch!

I Love My Mommy Frenchie T-shirt

We bet there is no mum who wouldn’t like to see her little batpig wearing such a Frenchie t-shirt. It’s made of breathable cotton and the elastic cut will support all your dog’s activities. Since the edges are padded with double seam, your pooch will feel comfy to wear it! The t-shirt is available in many colors and represents an ideal pick for any occasion. P.S.The good news is that the tee is also available with a print ‘I love my daddy’.

french bulldog clothes

British Plaid French Bulldog Shirt

Who’s told that your dog can’t wear equally cool clothes like ours? From now on, your batpig will have a chic and splendid outfit for going to someone’s birthday party or wedding. This shirt features a well-known plaid pattern and since it’s made of cotton, your Frenchie will feel relaxed and pleasant to wear it.

french bulldog clothes

French Bulldog Sailor Sweatshirt

Turn your little pup into a lovely sailor this summer season by dressing him into the French bulldog Sailor Sweatshirt! It is available in blue and red colors, and the chic scarf serves to bring the summer vibes. The ribbed cotton is so elastic and soft, that your little frog dog will have a ‘naked feeling’ while wearing it. The Sweatshirt can be worn during the summer when you want to save him from the sun or when he needs protection against dirt, pollen, and dust. Since Frenchies have short and thin coats, wearing clothes is not just a matter of fashion. It also a matter of health. French bulldog clothes don’t serve to make your dog only stylish. It brings many benefits to your dog’s body, and protection is only one of them

french bulldog clothes

Stars French Bulldog T-shirt

Prepare your dog to hustle and bustle by wearing this Stellar Frenchie tee on summer days. It features breathable cotton, and the vivid yellow patter brings some bright and positive vibes to your dog’s style. Every Frenchie can wear it as a protection of the environmental allergens, and direct sun rays. Note that exposure to the sun may cause sunburns and that’s the last thing you want to happen to your dog. Therefore, that’s exactly the moment for clothes to step in.

frenchie tee

Aloha French Bulldog Shirt

Since no summer is complete without wearing Hawaii-inspired French bulldog clothes, we’ve decided to put one of the cutest shirts you’ll ever find for your pup. This Aloha French bulldog shirt should become an inevitable part of your dog’s wardrobe because it features a modern pattern and natural fabric. The regular fit will suit dogs of different body types, while the eye-catching colors and prints can’t go unnoticed. Your dog can wear it when spending time at the beach or when going to special occasions as well.

french bulldog clothes

French Bulldog Summer Cooling Jacket

This might not look like a shirt but it features a life-saving solution for keeping a dog cool during the summer. Since French bulldogs are prone to overheating, you gotta think about how to prevent him from that issue. Luckily, with this French bulldog summer cooling jacket, your dog will get a cooling effect like never before.

Since it’s made of mesh, this jacket allows the skin to breathe, while the backpack serves to carry specially-crafted gel packs that release the cool feeling.
 To use this French bulldog cooling jacket, the first step is to leave the gel packs in the fridge for approximately an hour. After you place the gel packs in a backpack, they’ll serve to gradually maintain a dog’s normal body temperature.
By wearing it, your Frenchie will get essential protection from UV rays and a cooling effect that is a life-saving requirement for these batpigs.

Pineapple Summer Frenchie Shirt and Skirt

Specially crafted for Frenchie ladies and gentlemen, the Pineapple shirt and skirt will add a glitz and glam moment during the summer season. Both items are made of cotton, and the stretchable fabric will suit the pooches of different body proportions. The colors and print are inspired by tropical vibes and the colors are non-toxic.

Summer Cooling Vest

To save your dog from heatstroke and make him enjoy summer strolls, we suggest you using the summer cooling vest. For this breed, this is probably the most important piece of French bulldog clothes. It provides sun protection, has excellent absorption capacity, and light colors reflect the solar radiation.

To use this vest on your dog, you need to soak it in the water, twist it, and place it in a fridge to cool off. Since it comes with a practical plastic package, this step shouldn’t be problematic. As your dog walks outside, the vest will start to dry by providing him with a cooling effect.

frenchie clothes

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