Hot To Stop French Bulldog Diarrhea? Revealed

french bulldog skin bumps

We all know that dogs are curious beings. They like to sniff, lick, and investigate the environment in the weirdest ways.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes end up with consequences, and French bulldog diarrhea is one of them. Your dog’s digestive system can meet something that he won’t be able to handle. Whatever the trigger was, you’ll certainly want to avoid drugs and other chemicals that can ruin your pet’s gut.

french bulldog diarrhea

How does a normal French bulldog poop look like?

Your Frenchie’s poop will relieve a lot about the metabolism and the overall state of the intestinal flora. A good poop is a sign of healthy digestion and it should be chocolate brown in color or anything in the range of light-dark brown. A normal dog’s stool has a wet surface, it’s firm, not too hard, and has little or no segmentation.

If your Frenchie eats the BARF diet and bones, then you can expect his stool to have segmented sections. Speaking generally, dogs usually have 1 or 2 stools per day.

How does an abnormal French bulldog’s poop look like?

Abnormal dog stool is soft like a cream and loses form when picked up. It can be soggy, long-shaped, or look like a pile.

A loose stool can be described as watery, without texture, and it can’t be easily picked up. French bulldog diarrhea will occur multiple times a day and should be treated immediately.

An abnormal dog’s stool can also be very hard, dry, and look like a pellet.

What does the color of your Frenchie’s pup reveal?

Yellow, green, blue, red, and even grey/white…those could be the poop colors when your dog should visit a vet.

The yellow color can point out to a parasite coccidia or changes in the liver. The blue color requires an immediate reaction because it could mean that your pooch has eaten rat poison.

Red, black, pink, or very dark brown stools mean that your furry friend has traces of blood. It’s often a sign of an underlying issue. Grey and white colors will point out that your pet has tapeworms or a pancreas illness.

How to solve French bulldog diarrhea?


french bulldog diarrhea

Rice water is known as one of the best natural remedies for treating the French Bulldog diarrhea. To prepare this creamy soup, you should cook a cup of rice in 4 cups of water for about 30-45 min. When you notice that the water became creamy, you should cool if off, and feed your dog with it.

Fasting the dog is also advisable. In that way you’ll calm and heal his gut. If your pet doesn’t refuse eating, then you should stop feeding him for 12 to 24 hours. In the meantime, your pet can drink water but only in small amounts (2 -3 sips every hour).

Probiotics will play a huge role in solving French bulldog diarrhea. Certain strains of bacteria can improve the quality of stools and heal irritated gut. They are also great to use in case your dog takes an antibiotic therapy or other medications. Drugs kills the good bacteria in gut which may end up with runny stools.

When you notice your dog stools are returning to normal, I advise you to feed him cooked chicken fillet, rice, and carrots for a few days. 

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