French Bulldog Ear Mites- Treatment and Solution

french bulldog ear mites

If you’ve noticed that your dog is scratching, rubbing, and shaking his head more than usual, then the culprit can be a parasite called Otodectes cyanotic. French bulldog ear mites are commonly seen in puppies, and they are followed by extreme itchiness. Complications may arise when a dog has a hypersensitivity reaction that grows into a severe infection. This parasite eats wax and oils in the dog’s ears, and it belongs to the same family as ticks and spiders.

French bulldog ear mites are barely visible to the naked eye and are often easily transmitted from a dog to a dog and other animals.

french bulldog ear mites

What are the symptoms of French bulldog ear mites?

A dog who became affected by ear mites will be unable to settle down, and will show the following symptoms as well:

  • Head shaking
  • Lesions around the ear
  • Dark discharge
  • Smelly odor
  • Ear scratching and rubbing the head onto the floor
  • Crumbly reddish-brown discharge that looks like coffee grounds
  • Wounds

How to treat ear mites in French bulldogs?

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, my advice is not to treat it in home conditions. Ear mites can be ‘killed’ only by using prescribed therapy by your vet. It’s true that some natural products can help in soothing the symptoms, but they will also only cover the illness and prolong the time of healing.

Therefore, before you start searching for natural products to treat French bulldog ear mites, I suggest you take your pet to the vet.

french bulldog ear mites

Your vet will perform the exam with an otoscope and will take the ear scab to determine to trigger. When your vet determines that ear mites have caused the problem, the treatment will probably be followed by approved products such as moxidectin and selamectin.

Besides, your vet will also clean the ears, and the antibiotic treatment may last up to 5-6 weeks to make sure there aren’t any eggs left.

A weekly ear cleaning is also important because it can help in relieving itchiness and will stop the growth of new mites.

Important tips to memorize

Since ear mites can become a persistent condition, I also recommend you to wash your Frenchie’s bed, blankets, bowls, and toys. This parasite is highly contagious, so it can also infect other pets in your house or environment.

When you finish with the period of treatment, it’s essential to continue to maintain good ear hygiene. I use on my Frenchies the following Spirit French Bulldog Ear Cleaner™. It effectively cleans the ear canals, reduces itching, and prevents effects on otitis, itching, and deafness.

french bulldog ear mites

What is the best natural prevention of ear infections in French bulldogs?

After you successfully finished with the treatment of French bulldog ear mites, it would good to know what is the best natural prevention of ear infections.

One of the most popular home remedies is the oil treatment. For preparing this solution, you’ll need a big clove of garlic and olive oil. Pour 0,2 dl in a glass and leave a clove of garlic inside overnight. It’s best to use a syringe to apply this oil into the dog’s ear. Pour three or four drops inside of each ear, and try to keep your dog still for about 20 sec. Garlic oil provenly helps in killing bacteria, soothes sore ears, and can float debris out.

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