French Bulldog Ears- The Best Cleaning Tips

french bulldog ears

French bulldog ears present one of the most striking details on their bodies. We all know that people adore their bat-shaped part of the body and are curious to find out some fascinating details.

french bulldog ears

When do French bulldog ears stand up?

If you ever saw a newborn Frenchie puppy, then you probably know that their ears look floppy. Over the first few weeks and even months, your French bulldog ears will be rose-shaped. They usually need 5 to 15 weeks to become straight and wide opened.

french bulldog ears

Another question that I often hear from my clients is should they tape their Frenchie’s ears. In the majority of cases, there is no need for such steps. You need to wait for 2 months and if you see there’s no improvement, taping presents the last option. Of course, this step will not be pleasant for your little gremlin at all. That’s why I always advise to consult with your vet and ask him/her to perform it.

french bulldog ears

What are the possible issues that can affect the French bulldog ears?

Regular cleaning of your dog’s ears presents one of the most important steps when we talk about his/her health. If you don’t provide them with good hygiene, it’s very possible for yeast growth to occur. Popcorn or cheese odor coming from your Frenchie’s ears can point out there’s a problem going out in there.

french bulldog size

If the yeast is not treated on time, a severe bacterial infection is the next step you can expect. Here is the list of symptoms that can follow an ear issue in your French bulldog.

  • head shaking
  • ear rubbing onto the floor
  • excessive scratching
  • brown or yellow discharge coming out from the ear
  • bad odor coming from the ear

How to prevent ear infections in your French bulldog?

It might sound like a cliche but regular ear cleaning can save both your pooch and you from nightmares. Weekly cleanings should be enough, but before you start to stick to this rule, I advise every dog owner to daily check their dogs’ ears.

Note that French bulldog ears may act sensitively on different environmental allergens such as dirt, dust, and pollen. A plant stuck in their ears may also lead to an infection if not spotted on time.

Even eating an inappropriate diet can cause their ears to become red and itchy. That’s why you need to carefully observe all the aspects before you make a conclusion.

How to clean French bulldog ears?

Since most dogs don’t get so thrilled when it comes the part of cleaning, you can relax your pooch by previously showing affection and telling him some praise words. Of course, feeding a dog with treats will also help a lot.

Before you start to perform ear cleaning, you need to prepare clean cotton balls. The following Spirit French bulldog Ear Cleaner is tested on Frenchies and it’s suitable for their sensitive bodies

There are 2 ways you can use this Ear Cleaner. The first one includes applying a few drops on a cotton ball and gently cleaning the ears.

Another option presents putting a few drops directly into your Frenchie’s ears and trying to keep him calm for a few minutes. The best moment for doing this is when he’s lying beside you. After a few minutes, you can allow your pooch to shake his head for a couple of times to release the excess solution.

french bulldog ears
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