How Can I Help My Gassy French Bulldog?

french bulldog's gases

Daily dealing with your French bulldog’s gases probably represent one of the worst smelling nightmares for you and your family members. Even though your Frenchie’s farts might be funny in the beginning, they can only get worse as your dog matures. To help your furry friend decrease flatulence and make your mutual time more enjoyable, read on and discover what tips helped many French bulldog owners.

french bulldog gases

Why is my French bulldog so gassy?

As we all know, flatulence occurs when gas builds up in the intestinal tract. Since French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, they are prone to swallowing the air during meals. Their short muzzles restrict them from properly reaching the food and water from their bowls. That’s why we can often hear the choking sound while they eat.

Another reason for your French bulldog’s gases can be eating from the inappropriate food bowl. To slow down your dog’s eating and make him/her work for the food, it would be great to use the Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl.

french bulldog gases

The rotating bone in the middle will prolong the time of the meal and make the dog have fewer gases. You can also use the same type of French bulldog bowl for serving water and it has a volume of 400ml.

Some ingredients such as chicken skin, soy, corn, and meat by-products can cause excessive farts and even allergic reactions in your Frenchie. An inappropriate diet is almost always the number one cause for French bulldog gases. Depending on your Frenchie’s age, you have to carefully choose the percentage of proteins and carbohydrates for his diet. Besides, think about the dog’s activity level because it’s very important to maintain his ideal body condition.

Some pooches will even require a diet that is specially formulated for their health condition. For example, your vet can recommend you add glucosamine and chondroitin to support the joints.

How to decrease French bulldog gases?

Besides previously mentioned tips, the following list of ingredients is often the main trigger of French bulldog flatulence.

  • Dairy products

Even though dairy products are a great source of calcium, Frenchies can have excessive gases due to lactose ingredients. Lactose can cause excessive gases, flatulence, stomach pains, and even diarrhea. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid them or to add them in small amounts. Adding a few spoons of yogurt on top of the dog’s dry kibble food will add a tasty addition and provide the dog’s digestive system with healthy probiotics.

  • Spicy and oily food

Dogs should not eat human food. Even though it attracts their sense of smell, feeding your Frenchie with food leftovers can lead to severe consequences.

  • Poor or cheap diet

You better not buy a dog if you think to feed him/her with low-quality ingredients. Our dogs deserve to eat quality food because that’s how we invest in their immunity and health. By choosing a well-balanced diet for a French bulldog, you’ll prolong your dog’s life and make him/her less prone to health issues. Unfortunately, Frenchies are naturally prone to allergies, so we have to very carefully choose the ingredients. Our advice is to read the label on dry kibble or canned food you’re buying. Besides, avoid buying them at local supermarkets but only at specialized pet stores.

  • Lack of exercise and obesity

By regularly taking your dog for a walk, you’re helping him/her to have a healthy digestive system. Dogs who don’t get daily exercise often suffer from gases and flatulence. Just like us, dogs need to get a daily dose of activity to promote a healthy work of bowels. Therefore, keeping your French bulldog’s weight within normal limits will not only prolong your pet’s life but will also make him/her less prone to digestive issues.

french bulldog gases

What ingredients to avoid to decrease French bulldog gases?

In case you’re feeding your furry friend raw food or homemade meals, you have to keep in mind that some foods can cause severe flatulence. Veggies such as beans, cabbage, cucumber, broccoli, peas, cauliflower, pumpkin, and soy could be only some of the reasons for your French bulldog’s gases. Besides, be careful when adding fruits that are rich in fiber such as peaches, pears, and strawberries.

Why do my French bulldog gases stink?

Your French bulldog’s farts can stink due to artificial colors and flavors in his/her food. Besides, constipation can be another reason for the dog’s smelly farts because of the putrid food stuck in the guts. In case your furry friend suffers from constipation, then you can feed him/her with a fiber-rich ingredient such as cooked or baked pumpkin.

Adding dog-safe probiotics and dry-activated charcoal can also help with your dog’s stinky farts. Activated charcoal prevents the stomach and intestines from absorbing toxins. Simethicone is another dog-safe drug agent that can help your furry friend release flatulence and stomach pains. It collects gases and facilitates bowel emptying, so it’s often used in infants to reduce stomach colics.

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