French Bulldog Grooming, Shedding, And Bathing

french bulldog ear scabs

If you’ve become an owner of this lovely breed, then you probably want to know everything about the French bulldog grooming, shedding, and bathing. Luckily, these pooches are easy to maintain since they don’t shed much. However, there are still precautions to keep in mind that will help you take care of your dog more easily.

french bulldog grooming

French bulldog grooming tips

One of a kind, the French bulldog breed dizzyingly climbs to the top of the list of the most popular dog breeds in the world. According to the AKC, they currently take the 4th position in the USA and the 1st place in the UK. Since they’re outgoing, friendly, and affectionate, these facts don’t surprise us at all. A lovely Frenchie will easily fit any type of interior and family whether they are big or small.

When we talk about the French bulldog grooming routine, they require weekly brushing. Unlike other dogs, Frenchies have one-layered coats that don’t shed much. Therefore, if your dog gets dirty after strolls, it would be enough to clean his coat with baby wet wipes and dry cleaning foam.

french bulldog grooming

Since Frenchies are prone to allergies, you shouldn’t use cheap cosmetics. They are often rich in parabens and other artificial fragrances that can ruin your dog’s pH of the skin. Even using baby shampoos and other cosmetics is not recommended because a dog’s skin has a higher pH level (5,5-7,00).

Therefore, when buying a French bulldog shampoo, it’s essential to choose the one that is based on herbs that suit sensitive skin. Aloe Vera is known as one of the best herbs for treating itchiness and rash. As one of the best shampoos that I tried on my Frenchie, I recommend you try the following SOS French Bulldog natural shampoo.

frenchie grooming

Since picking up the excess moisture from your French bulldog’s skin should become an essential routine after bathing, I also advise you to check the following Super Soft French Bulldog Microfiber Towel. It features great absorbent power and it’s available in different colors.

french bulldog grooming

French bulldog Shedding

French bulldog grooming routine wouldn’t be complete without paying attention to your dog’s shedding process. Every dog losses dead hair during the spring, and summer season in order to prepare his coat for the winter season. Aside from these facts, your French bulldog’s coat requires to be regularly brushed. As one of the best brushes for French bulldogs, I recommend you check the following.

French Bulldog Massage Hair Remover not only removes dead hair but it also stimulates the growth of healthy and shiny coat. It features hundreds of soft needles that work like a comb. In just one move, your dog’s hair will stay on the brush without making a mess in your house.

french bulldog grooming

French Bulldog Bathing

As we already mentioned, Frenchies have sensitive skin that can easily become irritated, itchy, and flaky. That’s why you should choose only trusted cosmetics for your pet. When we talk about bathing, a Frenchie should be bathed once a month. Since some dogs get dirty more often, it would be great to bypass frequent bathing by using a wet towel, wet baby wipes, and dry cleaning foam.

The following Dry cleaning foam is suitable for sensitive Frenchie’s skin. It features herbs that provide a calming effect to a dog’s skin. Before you apply this foam onto your dog’s body, you should clean it with a wet cloth. The next step is to apply the foam by gently massaging the coat. The carefully crafted mix of herbs won’t cause itchiness and make your pet’s coat sticky.

dry cleaning dog foam

When you want to perform thorough bathing to your Frenchie, I advise you to use the following Gentle Silicone Dog Shampoo Brush.
It features a box to add a shampoo and dozens of soft silicone pins. By pressing the top of the ‘brush’ you’ll release the shampoo from the box while the pins will gently massage the Frenchie’s skin.

frenchie bathing

Other French bulldog grooming tips

Aside from previously mentioned tips, I also need to note that Frenchies require regular folds cleaning. Since they can collect dirt, dust, and food leftovers, folds become susceptible to infections. Therefore, don’t forget to pick up the moisture between folds after bathing and to clean them at least twice a week.

When we talk about the French bulldog’s ears, they are also prone to collect dirt. Grass pieces, dust, pollen, and other environmental allergens can quickly get stuck and cause discomfort and itchiness. That’s why it’s essential to daily check those spots on your dog’s body. For their cleaning, you can use our Spirit French bulldog ear cleaner.

french bulldog grooming
  • Effectively cleans the ear canals
  • Assisting the ear hair to reduce itching
  • Highly effective anti-inflammatory and anti-itch
  • Preventive effect on otitis, itching and deafness
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