What Is The Best French Bulldog Harness?

french bulldog harness

Choosing the right French bulldog harness presents one of the first essentials you need to buy for your little gremlin. In case you’re struggling with a dilemma whether to buy a harness or a collar for a Frenchie, here are the reasons why to give an advantage to a harness.

french bulldog harness

Why does a Frenchie puppy need to wear a harness?

This gorgeous breed is known to suffer from a condition called ’brachycephalic syndrome’. It is triggered by shortened and narrow nostrils that restrict a normal airflow. The main issue presents difficulty in breathing. That’s why Frenchies are considered for non-sporting dogs and don’t require much exercise. Intensive training is not recommended for these pooches because it may lead to excessive panting and other problems.

Thanks to previously mentioned facts, Frenchie puppies don’t do well to wear a collar and leash. However, it doesn’t mean that your pooch should never wear a collar. It means that it’s not intended for puppies that have not been taught to walk on a leash obediently. If a French bulldog puppy still pulls when going for a stroll, then you shouldn’t use a collar and a leash.

French bulldog harness presents a much better option since it doesn’t put pressure on a dog’s neck. It also provides better support to its spine and hips.

french bulldog harness

What to pay attention to when choosing a French bulldog harness?


The harness needs to be made of highly durable material. It’s not the point to buy a cheap French bulldog harness that will last for a few months. Therefore, I advise you to wisely choose a harness for your Frenchie because it will save you from spending money in the future. Another essential thing to mention is that Frenchies shouldn’t wear harnesses made of hard fabrics. It’s because they have sensitive skin and may show an allergic reaction to unpleasant materials.

Compact and easy to put on and off

You certainly don’t want your Frenchie to wear something heavy on his/her back. In that way, you’ll only put unnecessary pressure on his/her body. The harness needs to be lightweight but still durable and easily adjustable. It also should be compact so you can carry it everywhere, even when you go traveling.

Discourage pulling

We all know that dogs like to pull. However, if you perform the right training lessons, and keep your Frenchie to walk beside your leg by telling him praise words and giving him treats, you’ll be on a halfway to success. By choosing the right French bulldog harness, you won’t necessarily have to deal with your little gremlin’s pulling.

french bulldog health and care

What is the best French bulldog harness

By taking into account all the previously mentioned facts, I suggest you to have a look at the following French bulldog harness. It’s made of thick fabric and covered by a soft layer of microfiber to prevent irritations in your furry gremlin. The straps are easily adjustable so you can regulate the size as your pup grows.

french bulldog harness

Another important characteristic of this item is reflective sewing. Therefore, you can freely have a walk with your pooch at night because the reflective portion will shine.

french bulldog harness

The Frenchie World soft-padded harness is available in different sizes and many colors. To determine the size that will suit your pooch, I recommend you to follow the following chart. Since it is soft-padded, the good news is that it’s easy to clean. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if your little gremlin loves to roll in the grass.

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