French Bulldog Harnesses – Which one to buy?

french bulldog harnesses

One of the first items every French bulldog owner needs to buy from the moment he brought a puppy home is definitely a harness. French bulldog harnesses present one of the most important tools in dog training and for keeping a dog safe as well.

Why to give an advantage to French bulldog harnesses?

We all know that French bulldogs have short and compact bodies and thick necks. Due to these reasons harnesses present much better choices because they provide support to their entire bodies.

When searching for French bulldog harnesses, I highly advise you to choose the one that is reflective and made of highly resistant material. At the same time, it’s also important to find the fabric that will not cause any skin irritations, cuts or abrasions.

Note that Frenchies are short coated dogs whose skin can’t sustain harsh materials.

Mesh French bulldog harness

Mesh harnesses present a great solution for summer months because they allow the skin to breathe.
They also don’t irritate the Frenchie’s sensitive skin and will fit his chest and neck perfectly.
You will love that it’s padded so that when your pup pulls, he will not give himself any kind of burn or cut.
The adjustable strap is also great if you live in a varying climate because you can adjust the harness to fit over your dog’s sweaters and jackets during the winter. This French bulldog harness is available in vast designs and sizes and can be washed in lukewarm water.

french bulldog harnesses

Frenchie World® soft padded harness

We are sure you will like how this dog harness puts emphasis on the front chest, and not the neck or waist like some other ones. It allows you to have better control and will not sting your dog’s chest and neck.

The front D ring is welded and link leash makes the harness effective. By using this harness, you can stop worrying about your Frenchie’s sudden pulls, and chocking.
There are soft fleece pads beneath the straps for keeping your little gremlin’s neck and back in a good shape.
Since pads are wider than straps, you can make sure your pooch feels comfortable for each pulling. Another great fact is that 2 reflective lines along each strap are helpful to keep your dog safe during night walks.

french bulldog harnesses

“NO PULL” Reflective Dog Harness and Leash Set

“No Pull” Reflective Dog Harness and Leash Set is designed by Frenchie World for Frenchie owners.
It is made of high-quality sponge-like fabric with high-density webbing to add durability.

Thanks to a step in design that makes it easy to grab and put on your four-legged friend, it’s great for on the go walks, trots, and strolls.

It’s perfect for day or night since its reflective strips reflect light from the environment even in low light conditions. It provides maximum visibility when you need it most.

french bulldog harnesses

Reflective French Bulldog Rhinestone Harness

For all those cute and lovely French bulldog princesses, this Reflective harness presents a final touch! The suede leather will not cause any skin irritations and will make your pooch feeling comfy while wearing it. A bow on a Frenchie’s back will simply make your pet an adorable-looking bunch of fur.

Another great fact is that it also has reflective sewing, so even in low light conditions, your batpig will shine bright like a diamond. The bow is available in 3 colors. The buckle-design is great for preventing your dog’s skin from damaging, while the mesh lining is good for allowing the skin to breathe.

D-ring is made of high-durable nickel and is easy to put on and off a leash.

french bulldog harnesses

Dog Hooded Harness by Frenchie World

In case you want to make your pooch look both fashionable and safe at the same time, then this dog hooded harness will definitely become one of your favorite ones.

It’s true that there are many French bulldog harnesses on the market, however, we bet you’ll not find a harness like this anywhere else. Each Frenchie World harness was tried on French bulldog breed to make sure it will fit their special body built.

This hooded Frenchie harness is available in both female and male designs and will surely attract everyone’s attention in the neighborhood. Whether you need to provide your pooch with some warmth or you want to use it as a fashionable detail, this harness is everything you need.

french bulldog harnesses

I advise you to check the best assortment of French bulldog harnesses in the biggest online shop specialized only for Frenchies.

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