French Bulldog Itchy Paws- This Will Help!

bathing a frenchie

French bulldog itchy paws might be one of the biggest concerns of owners of this breed. Paw licking behavior may be triggered by different factors. That’s why it’s essential to discover the issue and react on time.

French bulldog itchy paws! What could be the reasons?

While it’s normal to see your dog to occasionally lick his paws, frequent licking may grow into a severe problem. It may lead to skin irritations, losing patches of fur, and even developing infections. Unfortunately, dogs with folds such as Frenchies, seem to be on a higher tendency to suffer.

french bulldog itchy paws

Allergies in French bulldogs

When a dog suffers from an allergy, itchy behavior is one of the first symptoms that is followed by many others. In case of food allergy, a Frenchie may have diarrhea, stomach bloating, bald patches, and hot spots.

On the other hand, environmental allergies are often triggered by seasonal pollen. So, you should observe your dog’s itchy behavior whether it occurs after you take him for a walk, or continuously. If you determine that your little batpig shows reaction when it comes in contact with pollen, then you should consider putting dog socks on his paws.

french bulldog itchy paws

Other solutions include washing/cleaning your Frenchie’s paws after every stroll.

Yeast infection

Yeast infection is undoubtedly one of the ugliest conditions to spot in a dog. A dog who suffers from this condition has smelly paws that resembles the smell of popcorns or cheese. Yeast represents the sort of a fungus and it’s a natural resident of everyone’s skin. However, when the immunity is in imbalance, the yeast overgrows and causes itchiness.

You can treat this illness by using corticosteroids and other medicines prescribed by your vet. I don’t recommend you to search for the treatment on the internet because there are different types of yeast. In other words, you can choose the wrong therapy and cause severe issues.

Injury or foreign object

It’s an undeniable fact that accidents occur when we least expect. That’s why my advice is to daily check your French bulldog’s paws for foreign object stuck between the toes. Whether it’s a piece of grass, pebble, or dust, the spongy Frenchie’s pads may easily become injured.

Separation anxiety in French bulldogs

You’d better be careful when leaving your Frenchie home alone, otherwise, he may start suffering from separation anxiety. French bulldogs belong to lovely companions that find a hard time staying without their owners. As a result, French bulldog itchy paws sound as an expected case. That’s only one of the ways for finding consolation in moments of loneliness.


People often mix boredom with separation anxiety. That’s why the first step in helping your pet is to provide him French bulldog toys to occupy his attention.

french bulldog itchy paws

How To Prevent French Bulldog Itchy Paws?

Besides performing regular cleaning with a wet towel or wet baby wipes between washes, your dog’s paws require soothing. Using different Paws Balms for French bulldogs will visibly help your dog to make a natural protective barrier.

The following Frenchie World Paw Protection stick is rich in powerful plants such as coconut oil, almond, and olive oil. It also contains natural beeswax which is known as one of the best protectors against infections.

french bulldog itchy paws

Another product I suggest you try for your French bulldog itchy paws is Silky Paws balm by Frenchie World.

It’s rich in peppermint oil that provides cooling effects, while propolis and tea tree are famous for its anti-inflammatory features. The balm provides effective protection against dryness, infections, and itchiness. To improve your dog’s paws, we recommend you to use twice a week after performing the cleaning.

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