Do French Bulldogs Need Jackets?

french bulldog jackets

Many dogs are capable of living outside, however, French bulldogs are not one of them. They can get cold very quickly and act sensitively to different temperature changes. That’s why every French bulldog owner needs to provide them with appropriate clothes. Frenchie World Online Store offers a wide assortment of French bulldog jackets that can keep your pooch warm this season.

In this article you’ll be able to find out the following:

  • How to discover if your Frenchie is feeling cold?
  • Why does your French bulldog need to wear clothes?
  • What are the best jackets for the French bulldog breed?
  • Where to find the most beautiful jackets for your Frenchie?

How do I know if my French bulldog’s feeling cold?

Since Frenchies have short coats, they are on a higher tendency to catch a cold during winter months. Shivering and trembling could be only one of the symptoms to show your dog’s feeling cold. Other signs include short and fast breaths and frequent leg lifting when walking on cold and icy surfaces.

Therefore, you need to provide your pooch with some extra layers both on his body and paws. French bulldog jackets from the Frenchie World store are available in different thicknesses, styles, and designs, and have been specially created to suit the Frenchie’s body shape.

The following jacket presents a great solution when going for a walk in windy and snowy weather. It comes in 2 colors and is decorated with luxurious faux fur on the hood.

french bulldog jackets

Luxury Leopard French Bulldog Coat

One of the most important rule when taking a dog outside in cold weather is not to spend much time outside. It’s always better to go out several times a day than to stroll your Frenchie once or twice. So, the best solution is to monitor your dog’s behavior and body movement. Another precaution is to choose walking on grass and ground since asphalt becomes slippery and extremely cold in winter. I don’t even need to mention the road salt that is mostly used on asphalt.

The following Luxury Leopard French bulldog coat is made of faux fur and will undoubtedly make your little gremlin the biggest star of the neighborhood. The jackets are an inevitable part for your Frenchie when the temperature is below 17 C. Besides their short coats, brachycephalic skulls are another reason why they don’t do well in low temperatures. Since their nostrils are short, they can’t quickly warm up the air they inhale.

french bulldog jackets

All Over Frenchie Snowsuit

Does your Frenchie adore to roll in the snow? Well, if the answer is yes, then you need the buy him the following All Over Frenchie Snowsuit. It covers your dog’s whole body and comes in two colors and many sizes. It will surely make your frog dog warm and comfortable while walking on snow.

french bulldog jackets

Frenchie World® “1986” Denim Jacket

Who doesn’t love denim? It never goes out of fashion and is a great pick to wear in autumn and spring seasons. In case you like buying fashionable French bulldog jackets for your little gremlin, I bet this one will become your favorite choice.

french bulldog jackets

Padded Winter Vests

Unlike other French bulldog jackets, this quilted vest is a bit different. It has a practical zipper that goes on your Frenchie’s back and D ring to hook the leash. The garment is available both in male and female designs and will keep your Frenchie’s belly and neck warm in cold weather.

french bulldog jackets

Rainbow Patchwork Waterproof Poncho

We all know that temperature changes can be unpredictable. That’s why your dog needs to be prepared for those warm but rainy days. By wearing this waterproof dog coat, your little batpig will be able to lengthen the time spent in jumping in the paddles. It is so lightweight and can even fit your pocket.

french bulldog clothes

Motorcycle French Bulldog Jumpsuit

Is there anything cuter than seeing a French bulldog wearing the following motorcycle jumpsuit? There’s no way that your furry friend will go unnoticed by wearing it. We especially love it because it’s made of the finest soft faux leather and it covers the dog’s legs to provide with extra warmth.

Varsity Winter Jacket

It’s not just about fashion when you’re looking to buy French bulldog jackets. You can make your puppy both warm and fashionable by choosing one from the Frenchie World store. Here you can find a vast assortment of jackets and coats for your little gremlin. The following one comes in five colors and will prevent your pooch from hyperthermia during autumn and winter months.

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