French Bulldog Life Vests Your Dog Gotta Own in 2021

french bulldogs can't swim

If you want to enjoy swimming and spending time in the water with your Frenchie, then you need to know that your pooch is one of the worst swimmers in the world. These furry gremlins can quickly drown due to their brachycephalic skulls, short legs, and stout bodies. That’s why it’s essential to find the right French bulldog live vests that will help spend a calm summer.

Why to buy French bulldog life vests?

As we all know, Frenchies have uniquely-shaped bodies that aren’t capable to keep them above the water. Besides, their short necks can make they swallow water and drown fast. That’s why you should never leave your Frenchie to spend time in the water alone. Even if it’s a small baby pool, or some other shallow water, it can turn out to be fatal for your pet.

What are the best French bulldog life vests?

French bulldog life vests come in a wide variety of styles and types. Depending on your dog’s age and size, you should determine what type of life jacket will suit your dog the most. Since the summer season is closer than ever, we’ve selected 6 best French bulldog life jackets for your batpig.

Frenchie World® Shark Life Swimming Vest

Ensured with floating panels on both sides, this French bulldog life jacket will make your dog ready for water adventures. It features an awesome shark fin addition on the dog’s back, so your dog will be highly visible when spending time in the water.

french bulldog life vests

Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket

Another Frenchie life jacket that will prevent your pet from sinking like a rock is this neon blue vest. It comes with floating panels, and breathable mesh on the dog’s belly. There is also a D ring on the dog’s back when you want to have a walk with your pooch by the sea or river.

french bulldog vests

French Bulldog Life Swimming Vest

Our third pick of French bulldog life vests is the one that features a practical handle on the dog’s back. It is available in 3 colors, and the adjustable straps allows you to set the size according to your dog’s body. The fabric is also emblazoned with cute printed dog paws, and there are also two reflective stripes that improve visibility. 

french bulldog life vests

French Bulldog Swimming Life Jacket

Made of waterproof diving fabric, this Frenchie life vest will respond to any water adventure.  Since it’s important to choose a life jacket that will make your dog comfortable, we suggest you choose this one with underarm padding. That’s how your dog won’t develop skin irritation or cuts, and will feel relaxed in the water. This French bulldog life vest is available in pink and orange colors, many sizes, and comes with adjustable straps.

french bulldog life vests

Clownfish Summer French Bulldog Life Jacket

Let your dog look spotted, fancy, and different from the rest of the dogs on the beach! Thanks to this life vest you can turn your dog into a lovely Finding Nemo that will make everyone turn their heads. The bright and colorful pattern, solid and quality floating panels, and a practical handle represent one of the best features to search for when buying a dog life vest.

french bulldog life vests


Neon French Bulldog Life Jacket

Unlike regular French bulldog life vests, this one comes with a neck addition. It helps your pet to keep the head above water and it will prevent him from drowning. The bright yellow color, reflective stripes, and adjustable size are three features we especially love about this Frenchie life jacket.

frenchie life vest
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