French Bulldog Paw Care

french bulldog paw care

When we talk about French bulldog paw care, dog owners need to know that they present the only place on their dogs’ bodies where they can sweat. Those small body parts work a lot for their bodies and help them to discover the world. Dogs run, walk, dig, scratch and do everything with their paws. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to their regular cleaning, and soothing.

Do you like to feel dry skin on your hands? Well, you certainly don’t. Since your lovely Frenchie don’t know to ask for help, I highly advise every dog owner to regular checking on his paws. You should do that on a daily basis because your pooch can get some pieces of grass stuck between toes that can cause cuts, blisters and other skin damages.

When we talk about French bulldog paw care, they are on higher risk to develop paw allergies. These wonderful dogs are notorious for their tendency to suffer from skin allergy, so besides taking care about his nutrition, you need to stay aware of environmental allergies as well.

Best tips for French bulldog paw care

One of the first things every Frenchie owner needs to do is cleaning the paws. Besides you can do that with a wet towel, another great tool I want to recommend you to check is the following Easy Paws Cleaning cup.

The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paw cleans off mud, sand, dirt, ice melt and removes other harmful bacteria.

You should put water inside of the cup, and a hypoallergenic shampoo for a better effect. By gently rotating the cup, you’ll clean all the dirt from your dog’s paws and provide him a pleasant massage at the same time.

french bulldog paw care

Another item that you’ll need for absorbing the excess water from paws is the towel. Frenchie World shop offers vast assortment of dog towels that can be used both for bathing and cleaning French bulldog’s paws and fur.

The following Frenchie World Special microfiber towel is available in different designs and absorbs water 4 times better from regular cotton towels.

french bulldog paw care

Don’t forget to soothe your French bulldog’s paws

There’s nothing worse than seeing cracked and dry dog’s paws. They are exposed to different harmful effects such as hot pavements during summer, cold and icy surfaces during winter, road salt and other sharp objects in nature. That’s why I recommend you using the following dog paw balm that strengthen the pads and keep them soft and silky.

Silky Paws by Frenchie World is rich in natural ingredients such as natural propolis, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, tea tree essential oil, peppermint oil, and lemon citronella oil. For the best effect, I advise you to apply it daily.

Provide your Frenchie with the appropriate footwear

After you checked all the previously mention French bulldog paw care tips, the last one includes buying dog sock and dog shoes.

Dog boots present a ‘must have item’ during winter since in that way you’ll protect your Frenchie’s paws from ice, snow, road salt, and other harmful effects. The following dog boots are waterproof, so you can be sure your dog paws will always stay dry and protected.

Pay attention to regular nail trimming

Another important product for keeping your French bulldog’s paws healthy is a professional nail grooming tool. Note that a dog’s nails should be trimmed to a certain limit, to a so-called quick. In case you hurt the Frenchie’s quick, his paw will start bleeding and require a vet visit.

Generally speaking, it’s known that dogs usually don’t feel comfortable when it comes the time for nail trimming. However, you must do that for his sake. Long nails can cause serious pains and even develop an infection. In extreme cases, a Frenchie’s paws can even become arthristic. When the slightest touch is painful to your dog, he will fuss when you pick up his paw to cut nails.

This nail groomer works on rechargeable batteries, it’s super quiet and will not make any pains. I highly advise you to first allow your dog to sniff the unknown item to escape the fear of nail grooming. Giving him treats can also be very useful because in that way you’ll occupy his attention.

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