French Bulldog Paw Licking- What Could Be The Reasons?

french bulldog ear infection

Dog paws are one of their most important body parts for discovering the world. Since they are often exposed to different harmful elements, it’s essential to keep them healthy, clean, and smooth. French bulldog paw licking is definitely one of the most common occurrences in this breed. Unfortunately, if your dog starts to do it excessively, it may lead to the development of infections and very uncomfortable scratching.

french bulldog paw licking

What are the reasons for French bulldog paw licking behavior?

It’s normal to see your Frenchie lick his paws occasionally. However, excessive paw licking can lead to infections that can end up with wounds that could be life-threatening. That’s why you should daily check for dirt, plant pieces, or other elements stuck in your French bulldog’s paws. Our dogs can’t tell us if something bothers them, so we need to observe their strange behavior on time.

These could be the reasons for a French bulldog paw licking behavior:

Unfortunately, allergies in French bulldogs can occur for many reasons. Usually, itchy paws are the sign that your pet often comes in contact with an environmental allergy trigger. Those could be seasonal pollen, dust, house-cleaning chemicals, street salt in the winter, and many other elements found in our environment.

Yeast is a natural resident of your dog’s skin. However, when the dog’s immune system weakens, the yeast can overgrow and cause itchiness and smelly skin layers. The smell of yeast reminds of popcorns or cheese and usually looks like yellow crusts. If you leave it untreated, your dog can even develop hairless spots, and scratch his paws to blood.

french bulldog paw licking

  • Insect bites

Insect bites can also be the reason for French bulldog paw licking behavior. The allergic reaction occurs immediately after the bite, so that’s why it’s essential to treat it asap. Your dog will lick the injured spot to release the pain and swelling, and the best treatment is to apply a topical cream on the spot.

French bulldogs belong to companion dog breeds, so they can suffer from separation anxiety if not taught to spend time alone. Crate training, as well as teaching a dog to play with toys represent one of the crucial elements to build a healthy and confident personality. Living with a Velcro dog can cause many behavioral problems, so that’s why it’s important to tailor the dog’s personality from the very beginning. French bulldog paw licking is often one of the symptoms of separation anxiety. A dog who suffers from this disorder will also whine, bark, chew on things, and even try to escape from home in order to find the owner.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Some dogs can have disturbed hormone levels that are often connected to a specific thyroid disorder. Just like humans, dogs can also have an issue with a hormone called cortisol. An increased level of cortisol causes eczema and itchiness that can end up with infections.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis usually affects senior pooches and those predisposed to suffer from joint diseases. It is followed by muscle stiffness, limping, and pains when petted or touched. Therefore, a Frenchie with this condition can lick his paws to release the pains in the joints.

french bulldog's nails

What can help in treating French bulldog paw licking?

You can keep your Frenchie’s paws healthy by following a simple care routine:

  • Regularly check your French bulldog’s paws

This rule includes checking for stuck pebbles, sand, dirt, and plant pieces that can cause licking behavior.

  • Wash the paws

Dogs who suffer from seasonal allergies should always get a paw washing when they get back from a walk. In that way, you’ll remove the pollen and other allergy triggers from your dog’s paws.

  • Use natural dog paw balms

French bulldog paw balms provide a sort of protective barrier. Besides, they soothe the pads that can easily become cracked and dry especially during the winter.

  • Daily activity

There’s nothing better than keeping the dog active and making him pleasantly tired. It can prevent unwanted chewing and licking behavior in your pet and decrease anxiety.

  • Topical Creams

Topical creams are another solution for decreasing the French bulldog paw licking behavior. Since they are often rich in corticosteroids, long-term use is not recommended.

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