How To Protect French Bulldog Paws During Summer?

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We are all familiar with the feeling of barefoot walking on the hot sand, and you must admit it’s not pleasant at all. However, have you ever wondered how does your Frenchie feel to walk on hot pavements during summer? That’s why we want to represent you with useful tips on how to protect French bulldog paws during summer.

Important facts about French bulldog Paws

1- Do you know that dogs can sweat only through their paws? These tiny body parts serve to protect our pooches from overheating. The sponge-like paw pads contain hundreds of sweat glands that regulate the dog’s temperature.

2- Another important role of paw pads is to protect the dog’s bones and joints. The soft texture of fatty tissues improves the fraction while walking on different terrains.

3- French bulldog paws are made of 5 parts. The claws, the digital pads-toes, the metacarpal pad, the carpal pad, and the dewclaw. The carpal pad serves to help a dog to navigate when walking on sharp terrain, while digital and metacarpal pads protect the joints.

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4- Do your French bulldog’s paws smell like popcorn or cheese from time to time? Well, it happens when the yeast overgrows. Yeast is a natural resident of everyone’s body. However, when the pH value of the skin is unbalanced, it can happen the Yeast to overgrow. This condition should be treated on time, otherwise, it can lead to a serious infection.

The tips for protecting French bulldog paws

As you probably know, some Frenchies are susceptible to suffer from food or environmental allergies. So, in case your furry friend shows itchy paw skin, red spots, or swollen skin, the triggers might be seasonal pollen, dust, or mites.

In order to keep your French bulldog paws clean, I suggest you check out the following paw cleaner.

The cleaning cup contains dozens of soft silicone pins to clean and the dirt from your frog dog’s paws. You should pour the water inside, a few drops of shampoo and gently rotate the cup.

In order to protect and moisturize your Frenchie’s paws, I recommend you using the Silky Paws protecting balm. This paw balm is rich in propolis, sweet almond oil, and grape seed oil that are famous for their antibacterial and soothing effects.

Regular trimming the dog’s nails is ‘a must’. Ingrown nails can cause serious pains and bleed, so you’d better think about how to escape those issues on time. The following nail grooming tool will trim your dog’s nails without causing pain.

One of the best options for preventing French bulldog paws from getting burned from walking on hot pavements and sand is buying dog socks or boots.

It’s true that it might be difficult for your little gremlin to get used to wearing dog socks but think about it as a permanent solution. The following dog socks are waterproof, anti-slip, and lightweight.

How to spot the problems in French bulldog paws?

Since our pooches spend a lot of time digging, jumping, walking and running, we shouldn’t become surprised when accidents happen. It’s normal to see our dogs licking their paws occasionally. However, the problem starts when the skin around the toes becomes swollen, red, and itchy.

Therefore, I advise you daily check for the plant, dirt, and pebbles stuck between your Frenchie’s toes. Dry and cracked paw skin can also lead to serious infections and pododermatitis is only one of them.

Pododermatitis can also occur due to food or environmental type of allergy. Depending on the stage of the illness, your Frenchie paws can become hairless and develop ulcers and bleedy skin.

Bad odor coming from your dog’s paws can also point to an underlying infection. By observing all the previously mentioned symptoms, you’ll be able to react and treat the issue on time.

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