French Bulldog Potty Training Tricks

french bulldog potty training

Training a French bulldog puppy may sound challenging especially because they can act stubborn in certain situations. You need to make a good strategy and positive reinforcement when teaching a dog certain commands. When we talk about French bulldog potty training, there’s one important thing that every dog owner needs to keep in mind. Do not change your dog’s feeding routine! Once your dog got used to eating in a certain schedule, do not try to confuse him.

When to start with French bulldog potty training?

The best time to start with potty training is when a puppy is approximately 6 – 8 weeks old. It’s true that first weeks after you brought a puppy home can be exhausting, however, think about it as a goal for having a happy life together. The first step in teaching your Frenchie where to potty is to choose a specific place in the house. Using dog potty pads can be one of the solutions. They should present an approved space in the house while the puppy is still small or when there is extremely cold weather outside. After your pooch is allowed to go for a stroll, you need to make a positive association and reinforcement in teaching.

french bulldog potty training

Choose the right potty time

I advise you not to change the time of feeding and taking your dog for a walk once you chose the specific parts of the day. The best time to go for a potty is early in the morning, after every meal and drinking, and right before sleep.

Of course, if it’s possible to align with your daily routines, I also recommend you to take a Frenchie puppy for a stroll after waking up from a nap and playing indoors as well. In the first few weeks, your new family member will need 24h attention and care. So, involving other family members is also a must.

As your puppy grows, he/she will increase the time of controlling the bladder and will ask to go out 3 times a day. The key is in monitoring your furry friend’s habits and setting up a final schedule. It might look difficult in the start, however, you’ll succeed thanks to your persistence and a love for your pooch.

french bulldog health and care

Choose the motivational tool

The fact is that dogs like rewarding! There is nothing better for a pooch than hearing praise words and eating some tasty snacks after performing a certain command. Therefore, I advise you to always reward your dog for acting obedient. Note that Frenchies can easily become obese, so that’s why I suggest you separate a certain amount of food from prepared meals and use it for rewarding. Instead of giving your Frenchie commercial treats, you can always choose some tasty and fresh fruits.

Another note to consider is that you always need to choose the same place for potty training when you take your Frenchie outside. In that way, your furry gremlin will connect the tasty treat and praise words with housebreaking. Praising a French bulldog for doing something good will also mean a lot to his/her personality.

french bulldog potty training

Why is crate training important?

Crate training plays an important role in dog ownership. It doesn’t mean that you need to confine your Frenchie but to teach him to pleasantly spend time alone. Crates can present certain areas in your home where your pooch will feel secure and relaxed. As you teach your dog to spend time in a crate, you’ll be able to easier teach him housebreaking.

Crate potty training works the same as the indoor crate training. So, only with your persistence, and love, your Frenchie will become an obedient and happy dog.

french bulldogs

How long can take a French bulldog potty training?

Just like people, dogs also have different personalities. Depending on your dog’s intelligence and nature, the potty training may last from only a few days to a few weeks. So, it pretty much depends on how much stubborn your French bulldog acts. Punishing a dog is not allowed at all because in that way you’ll only discourage him and slow down the process. Note that accidence will happen and that you should not yell at your pooch or rub his nose into the poop if he made a mistake.

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