Why Is A French Bulldog So Expensive?

why is a french bulldog so expensive

Is a Frenchie a dog you want to own? Well, in case you already decided that this gorgeous dog breed should become your new family member, then you need to know why is a French bulldog so expensive.

The reasons why is a French bulldog so expensive

We all know that Frenchies are famous for their unique appearance that steals people’s hearts from the first sight. They are small in size, easily adapt to any kind of environment which makes them great pets for apartment living conditions. And, have you heard of the fact that they take the high 4th position according to the AKC in homes all over the USA?

why is a french bulldog so expensive

According to Forbes, registrations of French bulldog puppies have increased 245% in the past 10 years. 10,351 French bulldog puppies were registered in the USA in 2005 (up from 4,210 in 2005). Well, I am sure these facts will knock your socks off.

French bulldogs act very friendly with kids, so this could be only one of the reasons for their growing popularity. But, what about the reasons why Frenchies are so expensive? French bulldog breeders cross a long and hard way to produce completely healthy Frenchies that will stay beside their owners for a long time.

why is a french bulldog so expensive

How many puppies do French bulldogs have in a litter?

You can’t expect to get a healthy puppy by paying a small amount of money. In other words – You will get what you’ve paid for. Unfortunately, many so-called breeders found a ‘perfect opportunity’ for earning money by producing unhealthy litters. Note that the French bulldog dam can give birth to 1-3 puppies. It’s not safe either for a mom or her children to carry more than 3 puppies.

why is a french bulldog so expensive

Since they have short and compact bodies and specifically positioned hips, Frenchie dams are not capable to give birth naturally.

They require special pregnancy care, healthy protein diet, and dozens of examinations before they give birth. Frenchie moms must go through a C-section that requires extra payment for a breeder (up to 12,000 $ dollars). Yap, you read it right!
The puppies have large heads and they can easily get stuck in the birth canal if the time of surgery was not scheduled on time. This can be only one of the reasons why is a French bulldog so expensive.

why is a french bullsog so expensive

French bulldogs and mating

Another fact that determines the price of a Frenchie is the way of mating. Many Frenchies can’t mate in a traditional way because of their short legs and narrow hips. The specifically positioned hips can present an issue for Frenchie males to mount the female. That’s why a large number of French bulldog dams need to go through artificial insemination. It’s needless to say that this presents an extra cost for a breeder.

why is a french bulldog so expensive

Why are rare-colored Frenchies so expensive?

If you started to search to buy a French bulldog puppy, then you’ve probably noticed that rare-colored Frenchies are higher in price. It’s because blue, Isabelle, chocolate, and lilac pooches carry a dilute gene.

The breeders who want to produce blue French bulldogs need to search for parents that have an excellent bloodline, health history and carry a dilute gene. Note that rare French bulldog colors are not approved by the AKC, so if you are looking for a ‘show dog’, blue or lilac Frenchie should not become your choice.

why is a french bulldog so expensive

French bulldog puppy care

When Frenchie puppies are already born, the role of a breeder is to take care of them 24/7. The breeder needs to make sure if each puppy gets enough food and to take care of Frenchie mom too. Since she went through a surgery, she will not be able to normally walk and move for at least one week.

The breeder can’t leave a Frenchie mom alone with her puppies because accidents can easily happen. She can accidentally roll over her kids and cause tragedy.

why is a french bulldog so expensive

Where to buy a healthy French bulldog puppy?

I hope you got the answer to the question of why is a French bulldog so expensive. French bulldog breeders make a lot of efforts and spend a lot of money to produce healthy puppies. Breeding of a French bulldog breed is not an easy task, so it must be considered by very experienced and knowledgeable French bulldog experts. No matter if you want to buy a French bulldog puppy in New York or anywhere else in the world, your main goal should stay the same! Look for a puppy that won’t require paying major medical bills in the future.

We, at Frenchie World, believe in ethical breeding. It’s because we sincerely love those dogs and we have been breeding them for over 20 years.
We can assure you that our Frenchies don’t have inherited diseases passed on. They are all vet checked, microchipped, and vaccinated.

Of course, we can’t assure you that your pooch will never ever get sick. Your Frenchie will be in good health if you provide him/her with a quality diet and care. The more you take care of your dog, the healthier he/she will be.

Frenchie World puppies are bred in Serbia by Aleksandar Gligorić. And, did you know that his story has been featured in the New York Times? Well, now you know.

Our honest advise when buying a puppy is to carefully search for a reputable breeder. No matter part of the world you live, Frenchie Word is committed to shipping French bulldog puppies anywhere in the world. The shipping price cost 750$ and it includes a nanny that will take care of a puppy to arrive well and safe. Since Frenchies can’t fly in cargo, this can be only one of the options to get your furry gremlin.

Wrapping up

P.S. If you have more questions regarding the shipping of our puppies, please feel free to contact us at the Frenchie World. We are always keen to answer all your questions before the puppy makes its journey to you. Every French Bulldog puppy you buy from Frenchie World comes with its own International Health Certificate and lifetime health guarantee.

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