French Bulldog Runny Nose! What To Do?

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Noticing that your French bulldog is having a runny nose is probably one of the most concerning conditions. French bulldog’s runny nose causes a big deal both for you and your pet. And, since we all know that those small body parts help them explore the world, this condition can really affect their quality of life.

In some cases, a nasal discharge can be the result of your Frenchie’s excitement. However, other causes include more severe conditions such as chronic illnesses and cancers.

french bulldog runny nose

Common causes of a French bulldog runny nose

Spotting a clear and almost watery-looking nasal discharge is usually not the sign for panicking. However, it always requires monitoring of your vet and quick treatment.

In case when the nasal discharge is yellow, green, or brown, there could be many severe things going on in your Frenchie’s muzzle. Colored nasal discharge is often a symptom of a bacterial infection that should be treated with antibiotics.

french bulldog runny nose

Allergy in French bulldogs

When we talk about causes, French bulldog runny nose is often triggered by allergies. Since Frenchies have short nostrils, they are prone to inhaling allergens from the environment that can cause their noses to become runny.

Seasonal pollen, dust, mites, and mold could be only some of the potential threats to your Frenchie’s respiratory system. That’s why it’s essential to check the signs on time and perform health testing.

A French bulldog who deals with a runny nose will often have other united symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, breathing issues, watery eyes, and nosebleeds. By discovering the cause of your dog’s nose problem, you can help him by avoiding the trigger and including antihistamines therapy prescribed by the vet. If your French bulldog’s allergy is also followed by itchiness, using natural remedies such as Coconut oil, and preparing Oatmeal baths can help.

In more serious cases, your Frenchie might need to use corticosteroidal creams but only in a short term. Prolonged usage of corticosteroids can thin the skin I make it more susceptible to skin problems.

Nasal blockage

Nasal blockage can be caused by a plant, dust, or sand stuck in the inhalation channel. This case of your French bulldog runny nose can also be followed by nosebleeds, pawing the nose, and sneezing.

If you can see what’s in your dog’s nose, you can carefully try to remove it with tweezers. If your Frenchie whines and tries to bite you, or there is even a bloody discharge, then you gotta see your vet immediately. The vet might need to sedate your Frenchie to remove the stuck element, and will prescribe the antibiotic therapy.


Some pooches react uncontrollably when they see their favorite humans at the front door. As the result, they can release a clear nasal discharge that will stop when dogs calm down.

Nasal infection in Frenchies

 If your French bulldog runny nose looks yellow and it has a strong smell while your dog struggles with breathing, then you can be pretty sure he developed a bacterial infection.

Dog flu: We can describe canine influenza as a health condition that includes difficulty breathing, fever, coughing, watery eyes, lethargy, and colored and thick nasal discharge.

Kennel cough: continuous coughing, loss of appetite, runny nose, and low fewer are the symptoms that follow this condition.

Canine Distemper: sticky and yellow nasal discharge and fever may lead to pneumonia that can turn out to be fatal if it’s not treated on time. Frenchie owners should pay special attention to this illness because these pooches naturally suffer from breathing difficulties, so developed pneumonia requires using nasal aspirators.

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