French Bulldog Senior Care

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Everyone gets old, even our dogs! Well, we know that we can’t affect aging, however, we can slow it down by investing in our health. Since exercise, discipline and affection change as your dog age, you need to take into account some tips as he enters his senior stage of life. When we talk about French bulldog senior care, there are a lot of things to do. So, let’s start!

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French bulldog senior care- what to expect?

Since your pooch will tend to decrease his physical activity and energy-draining, my advice is to help him stay fit. If you continue feeding your old gremlin with diet he used to eat earlier, there’s a huge possibility for gaining weight. As you already know, obesity can only lead him to experience issues such as swollen joints, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Therefore, switching to a light diet presents ‘a must’ especially when a dog starts to lose the ability of normal walking. Arthritis presents one of the most common health issues that affect senior dogs. It’s usually very painful, so dogs often require taking supplements to ease the pains.

french bulldog senior care

Choosing the appropriate bed also plays an important role in French bulldog senior care. Memory foam beds present a great solution since they support the dog’s spine, hips, and joints.

Another issue to expect when living with a senior Frenchie is the lack of privacy and free time. Many dogs lose their senses of vision and hearing as they age. As a result, they become clingy so their owners find themselves in a dead-end when they need to leave the house.

french bulldog senior care

How a French bulldog senior care should look like?


As we previously mentioned, food takes an important role in French bulldog senior care. Obesity isn’t just a problem for humans. It can also lead your Frenchie to quickly become tired and to make needless pressure to joints and heart.

So, if a dog starts to gain weight, you need to consider changing his diet. It includes avoidance of fat-rich ingredients such as chicken skin, eggs, and food rich in artificial flavors. Feeding a dog with fruits is allowed in certain amounts because of a high amount of sugar. I also advise you to check the BARF diet for French bulldogs because it turned out to be the best for Frenchies of all ages. By feeding your little gremlin with this type of diet, you’ll be able to tailor the ingredients he eats and in what amounts.

Fixing the fats is one of the keys to owning a healthy dog. Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils affect every cell in your Frenchie’s body. While Omega 6 triggers the inflammation, Omega 3 works as a reducer. To sum up, they work best when are perfectly balanced.

And here we come to antioxidants. Antioxidants serve to build up your dog’s immune system and protect the cells from free radicals. You can find them in blueberries and other berry fruits.

Massage and CBD oil for dogs

There are lots of proofs that massages and warm baths can help a dog to deal with arthritis and stiffened muscles.

Another solution to deal with arthritis pains in dogs is to use CBD oil. Otherwise called Cannabidiol, it presents a compound found in hemp and cannabis. You can buy it in different pet shops, however, I recommend you to ask your vet for advice before making a final decision.

CBD oil for dogs is famous for its anti-inflammatory effect and treating neuropathic and osteopathic pains. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved the dosage chart and using of CBD oil.

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However, the AKC Canine Health Foundation is sponsoring a study, through the Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, that will evaluate the use of CBD in treatment-resistant epileptic and arthritic dogs. The CHF hopes that this will be the first study to gain scientific data on the use of CBD in dogs with these condition.

Choosing the appropriate bed

Sleeping on the right bed will much affect your dog’s health. When we talk about French bulldogs that suffer from arthritis, the best beds are those made with memory foam. Memory foam will change the shape as your dog changes the sleeping position and will help him to decrease pains. Here you can find a great assortment of French bulldog beds that you can choose according to your pet’s needs.

french bulldog senior care

Take your Frenchie to swim

Swimming provides not only humans with plenty of benefits but also our dogs. We all know that French bulldogs can’t swim and that not every dog is a natural swimmer. However, by using a life swimming jacket, your little gremlin will be able to decrease pains in his joints, stiffened muscles, hips, and spine.

Water therapy is a great source of exercise that causes a low impact on bones in joints. It helps everyone to stay in optimal shape and to keep the muscle mass. Since dogs who suffer from arthritis are on a higher tendency to lose muscles, my advice is to take your Frenchie to swim.

The following French bulldog life swimming vest comes with a handle to better maneuver when spending time in the water. The belts are easy to adjust, so you can choose the size as your dog grows.

Aging behavioral changes in your French bulldog

French bulldog senior care brings some challenges too. Older pooches are on a higher risk to suffer from a separation anxiety disorder. It can be very heartbreaking but there are several ways to deal with it. Senior dogs usually develop this disorder because they feel helpless when the pet parent is about to leave or has left.

Vision or hearing loss and losing control of their bowels can make them anxious and even aggressive. A dog that deals with separation anxiety will bark, howl and even refuse to eat.

Therefore, the first solution presents taking your little gremlin with you. Since your furry friend was always there for you, now it’s time for you to be by his side. Frenchie World offers you a great assortment of French bulldog carriers and backpacks. They are all made to suit the Frenchie’s body shape so your pooch will feel comfortable while you carry him. On the other hand, dog carriers present great tools in case your Frenchie experiences mobility issues.

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