French Bulldog Separation Anxiety – How to help?

french bulldog separation anxiety

We all know that dogs are social beings that are not used to live alone. Even if we take a look to their origins, we will realize that canines learned to live in packs. Therefore, it’s nothing surprising for a dog to experience a sort of depression in a case when he lost a family member, relocated to another home or have been left alone for a long period of time. French bulldog separation anxiety takes an important place in talking about common health issues that affect this gorgeous breed. So, in order to help your dog to deal with this issue, I suggest you check the following tips.

French bulldog separation anxiety symptoms

By observing your dog’s body language and behavior, you’ll be able to determine whether he suffers from a separation anxiety disorder. Sometimes, this type of issue can be mixed with a dog’s boredom, so that’s why is important to spot any behavioral change on time.

The symptoms may be triggered by the loss of a family member, relocation to another house, absence of the owner, and bringing a new family member.

A dog that has developed such a condition starts to experience a real panic when is left alone, and behavior that is followed by howling, barking, drooling, panting, trembling, chewing and licking his body parts. So, if you notice that your Frenchie starts to nervously walk from room to room and seems unable to settle down at the time you need to leave the house, it’s very likely that he suffers from a dog separation anxiety.

Destroying home items and items that contain your scent can be only one of the result. However, a bigger problem presents a self-hurting behavior when a dog becomes capable to hurt himself by trying to escape through the window to search for his owner.

How to solve a French bulldog separation anxiety?

First of all, there are three levels of French bulldog separation anxiety. A severe type of SAD is difficult to heal because it’s very likely that a dog will need not only a thorough training but also taking medication. Dog antidepressants can ease the symptoms but can’t provide a permanent solution.

In case when a Frenchie suffers from a mild or medium type of SAD, he/she will need to go through a crate training. Crate training serves to teach a dog to pleasantly spend time alone. In this case, a crate is not a cage or some other confined space. It presents your furry friend’s bed or some other place in the house where he likes to spend time.

Find a comfy bed for your Frenchie

The best time to teach a dog to spend time alone is from the 6th week of age. You should make your puppy to sit or lie on his bed by telling him praise words and giving him treats. By gradually increasing the time spent in his comfort zone, your four-legged friend will finally get used to this routine.

As one of the best-selling beds for French bulldogs, I recommend you to check the following Frenchie Donut Cuddler Bed. It is super comfy, warm and soft, so your pooch will definitely adore it.

french bulldog separation anxiety

Another popular French bulldog bed, that owners especially like to use during summer months, is this Cartoon French Bulldog Cooling Mat. Since these pooches are naturally prone to suffer from overheating due to their short noses, this pad will be a life savior. So, this bed can present another solution for teaching a dog to spend time alone.

french bulldog separation anxiety

Make your Frenchie entertained

Besides choosing a comfort zone for treating a French bulldog separation anxiety, I also recommend you to use toys. Dog toys can occupy the dog’s attention, so he’ll be less prone to think about where his owner is.

One of the best selling dog chewing toy is developed both for cleaning the teeth and entertaining. So, in case your Frenchie possesses a bad habit of chewing on home items, this one will be the perfect one.

french bulldog separation anxiety

In some cases, a dog likes to carry his ‘special toy’ everywhere through the house. It’s one of the ways to provide himself with the safeness. Plush toys are great to use them as pillows, and cuddling while the owner is absent. Check out the following Elephant Plush Sleeping pillow for your Frenchie.

Interactive dog toys

Interactive dog toys serve to distract a dog’s attention from the owner’s absence. The following Automatic Dog feeder comes with a camera, so you can make sure what is your pooch doing any second while you are out. You can also maneuver to give your pooch snacks and allows you audio communication with your Frenchie. Here you can find the list of other interactive toys for your French bulldog.

Separation Anxiety Jacket

There are many studies that have shown the beneficial effect that a dog separation anxiety jacket leaves on a depressed pooch. Since dogs like the snuggle feeling during fireworks, storms, separation and traveling, your Frenchie will certainly show a calm behavior while wearing it.
The patented SA Vest design applies gentle, and gives a constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement.

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