French Bulldog Skin Issues- What To Do?

french bulldog skin issues

French bulldog skin issues present one of the most common conditions that occur in this breed. They shouldn’t have to be influenced by a dog’s age but they much depend on the dog’s immune system. When we talk about Frenchies, they are on a higher tendency to develop skin issues due to their large number of folds, flat heads, and sensitive digestive systems.

What causes French bulldog skin issues?

French bulldog skin issues can be affected by a dog’s tendency to allergies. For example, some Frenchies are prone to show symptoms of allergies on food or environmental triggers. That’s why is important to determine the cause in an early stage. 

Itchy and red skin in French bulldogs

Itchy skin can occur for any reason. However, in most cases, the root of the issue can be found in an inappropriate diet. Eating food rich in grains, artificial colors and by-products usually cause these symptoms. A Frenchie’s food allergy is also followed by stomach flatulence, smelly farts, and watery stools (in some cases).

When we talk about environmental allergens, they are present everywhere in our environment. Dust, dirt, mold, mites, pollen and insect bites can cause severe itchiness, redness and even developing bumps and blisters. 


Fleas are one of the worst nightmares that can affect your little fellow’s skin. Therefore, wearing collars against fleas and ticks is one of the best solutions to save your pooch. The following collar will help your Frenchie to freely enjoy spending time in nature and roll in the grass.

french bulldog skin issues

There are two pieces in the pack and the collar provides up to 8 months of protection. The good thing is that it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to put it off when your Frenchie gets wet.

french bulldog skin issues

Fungi infection

Since Frenchies have numerous folds on their bodies, special attention should be paid to their regular cleaning. Folds can collect dirt and food leftovers and become infected if don’t get proper hygiene. Therefore, my advice is to always check if there is a piece of grass, dust, dirt or food left around your Frenchie’s nose and mouth. 

Besides this region, you should also pay attention to your dog’s tail pocket. These little gremlins don’t have tails but have tail pockets that can become smelly and infected due to left feces.

french bulldog skin issues

Weak immune system

The weak immune system in dogs is closely connected to their tendency to allergies. Allergies occur due to a dog’s weaken immunity, so that’s why is essential to invest in choosing healthy ingredient to feed your Frenchie. 

Well-Balanced nutrition is one of the key factors to improve your four-legged friend’s immunity.

Inappropriate shampoo

Dogs require using shampoos that are specially crafted to suit their skin pH balance. Shampoos for babies and humans can cause severe itchiness, seborrhea, and dry skin in your Frenchie. In case your little fellow has sensitive skin, my advice is to use a mild and hypoallergenic dog shampoo that will soothe his skin. I gladly recommend the following French bulldog shampoo to all my clients.

french bulldog skin issues

How to solve your French bulldog skin issues?

As we already mentioned, French bulldog skin issues can be caused by a number of reasons. If you determined that your dog’s itchiness and other skin issues have been triggered by using inappropriate dog cosmetics, then I recommend you to try the following products.

1- Tear Stain remover

This tear stain remover is made with only natural ingredients and provenly help in cleaning tear stains and disinfecting your Frenchie’s folds. It doesn’t sting eyes and you can clean the hidden spots around your little gremlins nose and mouth to keep them away from infections.

frenchie skin

2- French bulldog cleaning foam

To clean and keep fresh your Frenchie’s skin between baths, I recommend you to use this Dry cleaning foam. It is rich in German medicinal herbs, reduces itchiness and makes the hair smooth and shiny.

skin issues

3- Frenchie World Bathing salt

All of us would agree there’s nothing worse than when soap or shampoo enter our eyes. That’s why I recommend you to try using this bath salt that is completely harmless to your batpig. It doesn’t sting eyes and is tailored to soothe dogs with sensitive skin.

4- Oatmeal baths

From allergies to hot spots and blisters, the oatmeal bath is one of the best remedies for Frenchie’s irritated skin. The great news is that you can prepare a solution by yourself. Start by grinding a cup of raw, plain oatmeal into a fine powder. Fill the tub with warm water, mix in the oatmeal powder, and soak your pup for 15 minutes.

In case your little gremlin shows resentment to baths, then you can treat the affected spots by soaking a cloth into this solution and applying it onto your dog’s skin. Provide your Frenchie with a pleasant bath and rinse off the solution after 15 minutes.

5- Coconut oil

Luckily, coconut oil can be found in many supermarkets. However, my advice is to use the Virgine type of Coconut and to apply it to your dog’s irritated and itchy spots. Coconut oil is famous for many beneficial effects and it’s rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which are a form of saturated fat. The medium-chain fatty acids serve to fight bacteria and solve different infections.


Eating food rich in antioxidants and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

French bulldog skin issues can be solved by eating food rich in antioxidants. Fruits such as blueberries present one of the greatest sources of antioxidants that serve to improve the dog’s immune system and skin.

Another important food that your little gremlin should eat is fish. Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, and albacore tuna are high in omega-3 fatty acids. They improve a dog’s coat and make it shiny.

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