Why Does My French Bulldog Stink?

frenchie stink

We all know that dogs can’t smell like flowers. It’s because they have sebaceous glands that produce natural protective oils to protect their skin. However, if you noticed that your French bulldog stink, there could be several reasons for such a condition. Ear infections, infected facial folds, or a well-known Frenchie pocket can be only one of the reasons.

As a dog owner, you might become immune to your dog’s natural smell. It’s because your pooch left his scent in your furniture, carpets, and your clothes. However, the strong and unusual smell of a dog often points out to underlying health issues.

french bulldog stink

What are the reasons for your French bulldog stink?

French bulldog ears

French bulldogs are famous for their wide-opened bat ears that are one of the reasons for being so unique and gorgeous. On the other hand, they are susceptible to catch dirt, pollen and plant pieces that can cause the ear infection. Therefore, Frenchies ears must be regularly cleaned. The bad odor or even discharge coming from your French bulldog ears usually point out to severe bacterial infection.

To prevent such conditions, I recommend you to check your little gremlin ears daily and to clean them with a cotton ball and Ear powder. Spirit French Bulldog Ear Cleaner is tried on Frenchies, and it helps in reducing itchiness. Firstly clean the ear canal with ear cleansing liquid or clean ear wipes, spread the ear powder in the ear canal, and gently rub it outside the ear.

french bulldog stink

Facial folds- one of the reasons for your French bulldog stink

Facial folds can be another reason for your French bulldog stink. Since these batpigs have flat skulls, you can often find food leftovers between their folds. Other triggers that can cause severe facial infections are environmental allergens and mites. That’s why it’s essential always to check your Frenchie’s wrinkles every time he had lunch. To clean your dog’s folds, I recommend you to use wet baby wipes and to apply cornstarch between each fold to pick up the excess moisture.

Another great natural product to prevent these spots from infection present the Apple cider vinegar. You can make a 50/50 solution made of water and apple cider vinegar and to lubricate your dog’s skin.

french bulldog stink

Does your French bulldog stink on cheese and popcorns?

In case you’ve noticed that your French bulldog stink on cheese and popcorns, then he definitely got a yeast infection. Although this type of fungi is a natural resident of their skin, when a dog’s immune system is weakened, he is prone to develop a yeast infection.

This issue affects a dog’s paws, ears, and folds. In other words, the yeast search for dark and moist places to grow. If not treated on time, a dog can suffer from severe itchiness and may develop wounds and hairless spots. As one of the best natural remedies, it’s recommended to use a previously mentioned apple cider vinegar solution. A vet should also prescribe you topical cream and antihistamines therapy to relieve itchiness.

frenchie stink

What shampoo to choose for a French bulldog breed?

Since French bulldog breed is notorious for sensitive skin and allergies, my advice is to have a look at the following shampoo. It is rich in natural ingredients that reduce rashes, itchiness and repair the dry skin. There are a few types of this product, so you can choose one according to your dog’s type of hair.

french bulldog stink

Another product that will help your Frenchie to smell great between baths is the following Dry cleaning foam. It contains German medicinal herbs and is entirely harmless to use on puppies. It’s also known for an anti-bacterial effect, so in that way, you can prevent your little gremlin form many skin issues.

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