French Bulldog Summer Cooling Items

french bulldog summer cooling items

We guess there is no human who is not familiar with the French bulldog’s tendency to overheat. Since the summer is the time when most of dogs enjoy spending time outside, you need to think about how to keep your Frenchie cool during hot weather. French bulldog summer cooling items are definitely something that every owner needs to have by his/her side. Wherever you take your four-legged friend, you need to make sure that your pooch is not feeling hot and dehydrated.

How to help a Frenchie with overheating?

Well, this is certainly one of the most common questions you’ll find on the internet. Frenchies’ brachycephalic skulls and short noses make them prone to experience issues with breathing. Just as people, dogs also get tired faster on a hot summer day. However, there is one main distinction when we talk about French bulldogs. This gorgeous and iconic breed is not capable to inhale enough air to cool off and decrease the body temperature. Therefore, you need to help them! You can do that by buying French bulldog summer cooling items.

Where to find the best French bulldog summer cooling items?

Frenchie World shop is the place where you can find hundreds of items for your lovely pooch. It’s an online store specialized for the French bulldog breed. All the products can be shipped to you regardless of where are you located.

French Bulldog Cooling Collar

This amazing cooling collar can help your furry friend to deal with hot weather and decrease his body temperature in only a few minutes. The collar goes with 4 gel packs that work best if put in a fridge for a few minutes. It’s also adjustable, so you can choose the size as your Frenchie grows.

The collar is capable to provide your dog with cooling effect up to 90 minutes, so it’s definitely the right fit when you need to finish a few errands and take your Frenchie with you.

french bulldog summer cooling items

Cartoon French Bulldog Cooling Mat

For keeping your frog dog happy and cool after you got back from a walk, I suggest you check out the following Frenchie mat. It’s made of ice rattan that helps a dog to keep the body temperature in normal ranges. The fabric is skin-friendly and is especially suitable for Frenchie’s sensitive skin that is prone to allergies.

Another great thing is that it’s filled with sponge, so your pooch will also enjoy the coziness the mat provides.

Summer Cooling French Bulldog Furniture Cover

In case you are a dog owner who likes to share the sofa with your Frenchie then this furniture cover gotta become your choice. It also helps to keep the bed free of your dog’s hair.

The cover is made of 3 layers and it’s extremely pleasant in touch. The breathable mesh on the back, intermediate filled cotton and ice-cold silk on the surface will help in keeping your doggie fresh and cool all day long!

French Bulldog Mesh Summer Cooling Vest

There’s a wrong statement that dogs don’t need clothes during summer. The truth is that canines that are prone to getting a heat stroke need to wear cooling clothes. That type of clothes is made of a special material that helps your gremlin to keep his body temperature in optimal ranges. The following summer cooling vest is one of them.

You need to soak the vest into the cold water, twist and shake it for a few times and then dress up your Frenchie. Since it comes in a plastic box, you can also put it inside of it and keep in a fridge for an hour or so.

french bulldog summer cooling items

Self Cooling French Bulldog House

Here is the summer solution for all those Frenchies that like to spend time in their comfort zones and relax during the day! This dog house will not make French bulldogs feel hot because it’s made of heat absorption fabric.

In case your French bulldog puppy is still not properly house trained, the waterproof bottom will keep the house clean of unplanned messes.

French Bulldog Summer Cooling Vest

This life savior jacket will help your dog to deal with hot weather. It has a heat-proof surface layer and water-absorbent storage fiber. It doesn’t contain any chemicals and any phase change materials. For the best effect, I recommend you to dip it in the water, twist it and dress your Frenchie.

Self Cooling™ pad bed

There are many dog cooling beds, however, this one will make your pooch feel cool and fresh throughout the day. It is filled with a magical gel that is capable to decrease your batpig’s body temperature in only a few minutes.

Since the pad bed is extra thick, it will provide better support to your dog’s joints and spine. The gel will form toward the body of your pooch.

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