Does Your French Bulldog Need Training Lessons?

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How many times have you wondered when would be the right time to search for a help of a professional dog trainer who will help you shape your French bulldog’s personality? Finding your dog chewing on home items, showing a Velcro behavior, and other behavioral issues such as jumping on people and growling are certainly not the best pictures to show. Once you’ve brought your four-legged friend home, there is a long way to cross in order to live with an obedient, and confident pet. Just like us, dogs need to learn throughout their lives. However, we need to admit that most people never have enough time to spend on their French bulldog’s training lessons.

Since every dog owner would like to build a respectful mutual relationship, it’s undeniable fact that we all search for foundations that will serve both us and our dogs for the rest of our lives.

french bulldog training

What are the benefits of choosing professional French bulldog training lessons?

French bulldog training lessons will help the owners to live with an obedient and calm-tempered pet. The lessons should be based on practicing basic foundation skills or polishing the previously-learned commands. They can help every dog to become properly socialized and show friendly behavior toward other dogs and people.

When to search for a professional dog trainer?

If you’re struggling with a lack of free time, you’ve just adopted a dog, or you don’t have or have very little experience with training a French bulldog, then this should be the right choice both for you and your pet. By asking for a help of a professional, you’ll let everyone know that you care about your relationship.

When is the right time for French bulldog training lessons?

Speaking generally, the best time to start with French bulldog training lessons is from 12 weeks to 6 months of age. There are different types of dog training programs such as:

  • Obedience training
  • Vocational training
  • Agility training
  • Behavioral training

Since French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from anxiety and separation anxiety, it’s important to introduce a dog trainer to the dog’s behavioral issues. In that way, the trainer will know how to tailor the lessons for your dog.

french bulldog training

What are the most important French bulldog training lessons/tricks to learn?


This is one of the first commands to teach a dog. It serves to keep the pet calm and easy to control in certain situations. At the same time, this command is the introduction for starting with more difficult lessons.


Down command requires the dog to be in a submissive posture and puts the owner in control. It shouldn’t be related to something stressful or frightening. This command provides a sort of psychological effect to a dog and represents the most important step in learning commands. It’s also essential to note that show dogs require different techniques to stand up, sit, or lie down.


This command helps a dog to stay focused during training by looking at you and waiting for a command. It should be based on eye contact which is extremely important in building trust between the owner and his dog.

french bulldog training

Heel – Loose leash walking (no pulling anymore)

Every dog owner wants to enjoy pleasant walks where he won’t have to hold the leash firmly and yell on his pet to stop pulling. We can all agree that it is one of the most annoying scenes we can see in the streets. This lesson includes teaching the dog to walk directly next to the owner instead of behind or in front. Besides, this skill helps the dog know that the owner is the alpha in the pack.


This command includes teaching a dog to come and sit in front while looking up at you. It can be very helpful especially in situations when you lose grip on the leash or when you want to keep your dog out of trouble.


‘Stay’ command includes waiting for food, door openings, car doors.

Greeting manners

No matter who is coming to visit you or where you and your dog are, you certainly don’t want to see him jumping on people like crazy to greet them. Polite greeting manners will help your dog behave appropriately in close interaction with humans and other dogs as well.

french bulldog training

No – correction command

By using the correct methods, your dog should understand right from wrong.


Housetraining lessons are another important element to live with an obedient pooch. The dog will learn to go to the toilet outside according to a schedule that will suit the owner.

Crate training

The crate training serves to teach a dog to spend time alone in a relaxed, safe space in your home and transport. It represents a stress-free environment for your dog and plays an important role in the prevention of separation anxiety disorder.

Wrapping up

We all agree that training a Frenchie is one of the most challenging tasks even for professional dog trainers. It takes a lot of time, effort, and consistency.

Keeping consistency in your dog’s training lessons is important because just like children, our dogs require to be guided and monitored through the period of growth. Even after your dog goes through the professional training program, you’ll still continue being his most important human. You’ll be his leader of the pack who he can rely on at every moment. Therefore, your support is one of the crucial elements for encouraging obedient behavior in your French bulldog.


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