How Can I Keep My French Bulldog Warm?

french bulldog warm

Winter is coming and for most of us, it means celebrating the holidays with family and friends and making some unforgettable moments in the snow. However, if you are the owner of the most iconic-looking dog breed in the world, you’ll need to pay attention to how to keep your French bulldog warm this season.

Frenchies and other brachycephalic breeds can’t sustain cold temperatures and are not suited to live outside. They are incapable of regulating their body temperature due to their shortened nostrils and short coat. Even when it’s about 18C degrees outside, your French bulldog can start shivering like crazy. Therefore, I want to help every owner of this breed with tips to make a Frenchie warm in winter.

french bulldog warm

Keep your French bulldog warm by buying a French bulldog jacket

Of course, it would be crazy to tell you no to take your French bulldog outside during winter months. Even when it’s cold, your furry friend deserves to go to potty in nature like every other dog breed. However, with Frenchies, it should look a little bit different since they shouldn’t go outside without wearing a jacket and protective dog boots.

A similar rule applies in summer months too. Since a French bulldog doesn’t do well in high temperatures, you shouldn’t take him out during the hottest part of the day. Here you can check the list of accessories your Frenchie needs during the summer season.

When we talk about buying a French bulldog jacket, my advise is to choose the one with a full-body coverage. In that way, your batpig will be completely protected from cold weather. The following Frenchie Snowsuit is made of waterproof fabric and has extremely soft inner layer.
The insulated nylon shell helps keep body heat close to your dog’s body.

french bulldog warm

How to keep a French bulldog warm during the night?

Although your dog has fur, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need an extra layer during the night. We all know how cold the nights can be. Sometimes, the feeling of cold can even wake us from the sweetest dreams. Well, in case you weren’t sure if it the same thing can happen to your dog, the answer is YES. Your Frenchie can also catch a cold and feel frozen during sleeping. That’s why you need to buy him a warm winter blanket.

french bulldog warm 5

I am sure that your French bulldog will like sleeping with this blanket on because it’s extremely soft and warm. It will surely make him feel like in heaven.

Choose a warm sleeping place for your Frenchie

Choosing the warmest place in your house doesn’t mean that your dog will not feel cold during the night. To totally prevent him from coldness, my suggestion is to provide him with a warm and cozy bed too.

The following one seems like the best pick for winter months because it comes with faux-fur cushions that keep the heat close to a dog’s body. Since they are removable, you can be sure that your dog’s bed will always stay clean. Click on the following image to find out where you can buy this bed for your Frenchie.

french bulldog warm

Don’t let your Frenchie drink a cold water

Just like humans, French bulldogs can suffer from sore throat and cold too. Therefore, you should not allow your little gremlin to drink cold water from the bowl. Since this breed is also prone to suffer from flatulence due to fast eating and drinking, my advice is to take a look at a special Anti-choke bowl. It is specially created for Frenchies and their sensitive digestive systems.

The bowl has a special rotating bone put in the middle that prevents a dog from fast eating. In case your Frenchie literally eats the air, then this is will be the right bowl for him!

french bulldog

Wear protection footwear to make your French bulldog warm

There is no doubt that dogs don’t get so thrilled by wearing dog boots. However, they will save their tiny paws from getting burned of road salt. Road salt is incredibly harmful and can hurt and ruin the dog’s paw-skin. The following dog booties have an anti-slippery sole and are water-resistant.

french bulldog warm

Keeping a French bulldog warm this season might indeed sound challenging. However, with these tips in mind and by observing your dog’s body language, you can calmly step into the cold months.

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