Why Your French Bulldog Won’t Eat?

french bulldog won't eat

There can be a variety of reasons why your French bulldog won’t eat. It’s definitely one of the most concerning conditions because our dogs can’t tell what bothers them. However, before you start panicking about your Frenchie’s appetite after you read the guidelines state on the food you purchase, remember that those are only average amounts. Many Frenchies will never eat the amount that is written on the label of the package. Just like with humans, our dogs also have the right to refuse eating when they feel ’full’.

On the other hand, the dog’s loss of appetite can also indicate illness, so that’s why it’s essential to seek vet care if you notice any sudden change.

french bulldog won't eat

Why your French bulldog won’t eat? The most common reasons

Recent vaccination

Thanks to different vaccinations that protect our dogs from many contagious and serious diseases, the lives of millions of pets are saved. Since the loss of appetite can be one of the temporary results of vaccination, you shouldn’t start panicking and should wait for 3-4 days.

Adverse effects of vaccines are minor, and the loss of appetite can be one of them.

Dental diseases

French bulldogs who suffer from gingivitis and painful gums can refuse to eat. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your Frenchie’s dental hygiene and use dental treats and chew toys. Chew toys for Frenchies are made of special rubbers that successfully removes tartar and plaque collected on their teeth.

A sudden change of environment

Even though Frenchies easily fit any type of environment, they’re not fans of sudden changes in environments. One of the reactions to a new surrounding can be the loss of appetite. Besides, they can become anxious, fearful, and show destructive behavior as well.


Your French bulldog won’t eat if he/she comes in contact with some poisonous plants, chemicals, and other elements that contain toxic ingredients. If you suspect to poisoning, besides refusal to eat, your dog will start to vomit and become lethargic. This are alarming signs that require vet visit.

Musty dog food

If you’re feeding your Frenchie with a dry kibble or canned food, then you should check the label to see if the date is expired. Check the smell and color, and try to feed your dog with boiled carrots, chicken filet, and rice. You can also add a few spoons of yogurt while serving the meal in case your pooch doesn’t show intolerance to dairy products.

demodectic mites in french bulldogs

Do you feed your Frenchie with snacks?

Another reason why your French won’t eat is because you’re feeding him with a lot of snacks during the day. By constantly rewarding your little gremlin with treats, you can make your pooch not only obese but also spoiled. Therefore, if you want to keep your furry friend in good shape, my suggestion is to set aside a certain amount of daily meal/s for rewarding.


Dogs who suffer from diabetes will tend to drink a lot of water and refuse to eat. Therefore, if you’ve noticed that your dog drinks large amounts of water, then you should take him to see a vet and perform additional checks.

My French Bulldog Won’t Eat- What to do?

If this condition lasts more than 2 days, my advice is to immediately take him/her to the vet. Try to remember all the things that could affect your dog’s appetite such as traveling, your absence, new diet, or poisoning.

If your dog goes through teeting phase or he/she deals with dental pains, my suggestion is to blend his food and to feed him with wet food (canned food or homemade meals).

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