French Bulldogs And Cats- Are They a Good Match?

french bulldogs and cats

Have you ever wondered whether French bulldogs and cats are the perfect match? The famous phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” might sound cute in movies, but it’s not true when you think about how animals actually behave. French bulldogs can be best friends with kitty cats – even though they’re both different species of animal!

French bulldogs and cats- How do they get along?

Do you want to know the craziest thing about dogs? They are still naturally inclined toward chasing cats. Wolves are their ancestors and despite having been domesticated over 12,000 years ago, they can behave quite weirdly and act like wild wolves at times. However, the truth is that French bulldogs and cats can actually become best friends. French bulldogs are always eager to make friends with new people and animals. If you want your puppy (or even older dog) to behave kindly around felines in his everyday life, then just be patient because every new occurrence should be implemented gradually.

Frenchies are good with cats as long as you make sure the introduction is done slowly! All dogs and cats differ from one another. However, there’s no reason why a cat can’t get along well enough with a dog in the early stages of their lives. If you equally love cats and dogs, the best option is to consider meeting these two animal species when they’re still young.

Don’t give up on your furry friend and kitty cat if they seem a little wary at first. Just like humans, pets need time to get acquainted and develop their own relationship with one another.

Hot to introduce an adult Frenchie to a cat?

Picking the perfect location for your pets to meet is crucial. You need a calm and controlled environment with no other animals around, just you, the cat, and the dog! For example, you can choose your house or your friend’s house. In case you still haven’t bought a cat, then you can try introducing your Frenchie to a dog-friendly adult cat that won’t act strange or aggressive.

Introducing new pets is not always an easy task, so it has to be done with patience. Allow your Frenchie and a cat to spend time in the same house but in separated areas for about 2 days. A good tip would be placing each animal’s belongings in another’s space. This will allow both animals to get comfortable being around one another after some initial discomfort has passed. Once you see that the cat and your Frenchie seem well on opposite ends and normally perform their daily routines, then it’s the time for a meeting.

How the first meeting should look like?

The first meeting between French bulldogs and cats should last short. Our suggestion is to keep the ‘lesson’ short and not to last longer than 10 min. You should also keep your doggie on the leash to avoid any unplanned situations as well. If the cat feels comfortable, she will approach your Frenchie all alone.

If both the Frenchie and the cat seem calm and friendly, then you can reward both of them and tell some praise words. As the days go by, gradually increase the meetings until both of your pets seem relaxed and start to play together.

french bulldogs and cats

In case you notice any symptoms of anxiety in any of your pets, stop the sessions immediately and shorten the time they spend together.

French bulldogs and cats- Tips to keep in mind for a smooth cooperation

Help your dog lose his pent-up energy

To prevent any unplanned situations in your house, one of the things to do is to exercise your Frenchie. In that way, he/she will become less susceptible to aggression and won’t become over-excited when he sees the cat.

Never leave French bulldogs and cats unsupervised

You never know what might happen! That is why it’s always best practice to either crate train your Frenchie or choose separate rooms so that no accidents occur in this phase with all their socializing and training going on at once. It better not just start off as an accident. Otherwise, things can quickly go south.

Reward, reward, reward

Well, everyone loves rewarding. However, be careful not to overfeed your Frenchie with snacks because they can quickly become overweight. Positive reinforcement in teaching is always welcome, so both of your pets need to figure out what is desirable behavior.

french bulldogs and cats

Be careful with their body language

Not only a Frenchie can hurt the cat, but also a cat can cause severe injuries to a dog. Especially if we take into account a Frenchie’s flat face and protruding eyes, even one scratch can cause fatal consequences.

Even though French bulldogs and cats are known for making beautiful friendships, everything should be accepted with certain precautions. If both of your pets didn’t show any improvement even after a month of constant training lessons, then you should search for a help of a professional. A professional animal behaviorist will help you find the best solution for your furry friends.

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