French Bulldogs And Kids- Are They A Good Fit?

french bulldogs and kids

Have you already made a decision to buy a dog but you still haven’t decided what breed to choose? If you were wondering whether French bulldogs and kids are a perfect match, this article will help you find out the truth.

French bulldogs and kids – How do they get along together?

Before you start considering buying a specific dog breed for a pet, it’s essential to take into account your child’s temperament and personality. Dogs teach our children responsibility and compassion. They bring joy and love to our families, so that’s why we need to provide them with plenty of love and care too.

A few words about the French bulldog’s personality

When we talk about French bulldogs, they are known as friendly, lively, and affectionate pets. They can fit any type of environment and family, and have been bred to work alongside their owners. Due to these facts, Frenchies are also dependable dogs, so you can’t leave them home alone for a hours.

French bulldogs and kids can make a wonderful relationship, especially if they grow up together. However, it’s good to note that these pooches can’t sustain plenty of physical exercises. Therefore, French bulldogs will not be a good fit for highly-active persons. They enjoy playing with our youngest family members, but can’t sustain running, hiking, and going to long and exhaustible strolls.

French bulldogs and kids possess quite similar personalities. They are curious, like to have fun, and are always ready for action.

How to prepare an adult Frenchie for a new family member (baby)?

If you own an adult Frenchie and you’re expecting a baby, there are steps to do to prevent your dog from being jealous. Until yesterday, your Frenchie had all the attention and love, and then- voila! Here it comes a crying baby that will take the spot.  Therefore, you need to understand your dog’s feelings because he might feel confused and frightened.

french bulldogs and kids

To teach your Frenchie to get used to a new family member, it’s important not to force him to make a friendly relationship. Take baby steps and gradually build strong and friendly emotions. Your dog’s crate or bed is his safe zone, so don’t let your baby/ toddler to interrupt his space. B

Every dog will need some time to get used to a new situation in the house. Therefore, be patient and don’t reject your dog. Involve him in routines that will help you build a strong and confident mutual relationship.

french bulldogs and kids

Read the following article and find out the best tips on how to introduce your French bulldog to a newborn baby.

‘Frenchies and kids make an unbreakable bond for life’

Different studies have shown that dogs and kids can make wonderful friendships especially if they grow up together. Therefore, if you are expecting a baby, then it would be a good idea to consider buying a Frenchie puppy too. Living with a dog will not only strengthen the baby’s immunity but will also teach your child responsibility. Children who grow up beside dogs become more self-confident and they will always have a companion to play with.

Wrapping up

French bulldogs are considered for one of the best family dogs. That’s why they currently take a high 4th position in homes all around the world. Therefore, if you’re still in doubt whether to buy a French bulldog for your family, our answer is *YES! They will suit all types of families, especially those with many family members. French bulldogs like to be the center of attention, just like kids. Their matching personalities and witty natures will always be ready to step into new adventures.

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