French Bulldogs – What’s good about ’em, what’s bad about ’em?

french bulldogs

The one-of-a-kind dog breed, French bulldogs are ready to get off the throne currently the World’s most popular dog breed- the Labrador retriever.

french bulldogs

Otherwise called ‘the clown in the cloak of a philosopher’, the French bulldog breed is affectionate, playful, and very friendly.  If you already made a decision to own it, here are some of the most important things you need to know:

French bulldog’s personality

Generally speaking, these lovely furry companions posses enormously huge hearts. They love their owners so much that actually become their shadows. French bulldogs act very friendly with everyone, whether we talk about kids, people or other dogs. No matter if you’re single, or you have a big family, Frenchies will to any kind of environment. Once they attach to their loving families, they love them to the end.

Chasing after the ball is one of their favorite activities, so you’d better be prepared on lots of fun and playing. In other words, there’s no person who will not love a Frenchie.

Another important thing to mention is that they’re also very intelligent. They easily ‘catch’ tricks and learn commands. 

 french bulldogs

French bulldogs are sort of lazy piglets

If you’re a type of person who likes running, swimming, or hiking, then a Frenchie isn’t the right choice for you. French bulldogs are not called without reason potato or lap dogs. They enjoy cuddling and lying with their owners on the couch for hours. Sport is simply not their cup of tea. That’s why Frenchies are considered for the best apartment dog in the World.

Since they have brachycephalic heads, they’re not capable to sustain prolonged activities like long walks, running or jumping. They get tired very easily due to the restricted air flow going through their respiratory systems. So, if you’re not ready to change your habits or you can’t find some other way of taking your doggie with you, then these guys aren’t the right pick for you.

french bulldogs

Early socialization is a ‘must’

We all know that Frenchies, in general,  get along well with everyone. However, early socialization presents one of the most important steps when bringing a puppy. In order to live with a well-behaved dog that will not show any aggression to unknown dogs and people, I advise you to involve him/her to society. It includes going to public places from the puppyhood when he’ll be able to discover how the outside world works.

Playing with other dogs in a park and taking him to your meetings with friends will really mean a lot to his personality. As a French bulldog breeder, I suggest you finish your dog’s socialization process until the 12th week of age. During that period, French bulldogs are more able to accept different experiences. It can be the sound of your washing machine, playing music, the sound of traffic and other types of noises. Properly socialized Frenchie will act more obedient, relaxed and will not get afraid or aggressive.

They tend to develop allergies

So far, you’ve probably heard for this hundred of times. However, it’s very important to discover your dog’s health background before you buy it. French bulldog’s health history can much affect their tendency to allergies.

Unfortunately, different environmental, food, and seasonal allergies present the greatest problem in the French bulldog breed. Therefore, I advise you to carefully choose dog food for your Frenchie. Some of the most common symptoms that your dog’s having an allergy are itchy skin, hair loss, and redness.

French bulldogs are prone to suffer from dog separation anxiety

French bulldog breed belongs to Molossus dogs that have been served as loyal companions in history. Since they’ve been accidentally (or not) bred to follow their owners, they’re more likely to suffer from SAD. That’s why I always advise French bulldog owners to teach their dogs to spend time alone. You can do that by keeping your dog entertained with interactive feeding toys.

While you’re out, feeding toys present a great way of developing your Frenchie’s cognitive ability as well. Crate training is also highly recommended. By crating your dog, your furry friend will learn to feel secure and comfortable in his own zone.

Are you sensitive to smell?

It might sound funny but Frenchies are pretty good in releasing evil-smelling gasses. They’re the masters of doing that. I don’t talk on one or two farts per week, I talk about sudden farts while you’re eating or having guests. To leave jokes aside, French bulldog’s farts can be decreased by choosing the right diet. It can really help their digestive system. Food rich in by-products, chicken skin, eggs, corn, and wheat is in most cases the biggest culprit for their stomach bloating and gasses.

The greatest snorers ever

Meet the greatest snorers among all bully breeds! These awesome batpigs will spice up your every night with some cute, buzzing sounds. However, if you snore too, then you two are going to compete all night long. Most Frenchies grunt, snore, and wheeze because of their shortened nostrils and elongated palates. So, if you want to own this dog breed, you’d better be prepared on its lovable sounding.

Frenchies are greedy manipulators

Although they’re small in size and look cute, Frenchies know to act stubborn from time to time. Like all other dogs, they’re actually great manipulators in tiny bodies and ever greater personalities. That’s why you need to make certain boundaries from the very beginning. Since dogs are pack animals, they learned to have the Alpha male who they’ll follow. Therefore, you need to teach your Frenchie that you’re his/her one and only pack leader. By becoming your Frenchie’s pack leader, you can expect he’ll act more obedient and will know where the limit is. Since the food presents their main motivation, I recommend you to use it as the main training tool. However, pay attention not to overfeed him, otherwise, you’ll own both obese and stubborn dog.

Swimming is not their cup of tea

No matter how hard they try, Frenchies sink like rocks. Their short and heavy bodies and short legs simply don’t make them able to swim. That’s why every French bulldog owner should consider of buying the appropriate dog life jacket.

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