What Can I Put On My French Bulldog’s Dry Nose?

french bulldog's dry nose

We all have heard the statement that a dog’s nose should always be wet and cold. However, the truth can be quite different. When your dog’s nose becomes dry, warm, flaky, and crusty, it’s often the sign something is going on with this tiny and important body part. Since your French bulldog’s dry nose doesn’t allow him to discover the world in the right way, you need to know what remedies can help your pet deal with this condition.

French bulldog’s dry nose- what could be the reasons?

Just like us, our pooches can suffer from allergies, different conditions, and develop sunburns. That’s why it’s important to notice any change in time because early reaction shortens the time of treatment. If your French bulldog’s dry nose became flaky and crusty, it means that he needs lubricants to restore moisture.

dry nose in Frenchies is not always the alarming sign of an illness, but it’s advisable to always be vigilant. Our pooches discover the world with those tiny body parts, while the mucus-producing glands provide the essential moisture. While a French bulldog’s dry nose can mean that’s something wrong, there are also several non-health reasons for it. Let’s discover what could be the reasons.

Dehydration after exercise

We all know that Frenchies are low-energy dogs that can’t sustain strenuous exercise. Therefore, your French bulldog’s dry nose symptom can be triggered by dehydration induced by training lessons. Besides, walking in hot weather and spending a prolonged time outside in the summer can also be one of the reasons for your dog’s dry nose issue. To help your dog restore nose moisture, you should make sure he drinks enough water during the summer months. Once he rehydrates, his nose will return to its moistened state.

french bulldog's dry nose

Do you live with a senior Frenchie?

Senior French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to develop dry and cracked noses. Just like humans get wrinkles and gray hair, our old Frenchies can have dry noses. To prevent your pooch from this condition, we recommend you use the following French Bulldog Nose Moisturizer. It can be used both on paws and nose and it features completely natural ingredients that are non-toxic to dogs.

All bulldog breeds are naturally prone to dry nose condition

Since bulldog breeds have short and flat skulls, they can have trouble licking their noses. Therefore, as an owner of a Frenchie, Boston Terrier, or Pug, you should always pay attention to moisturizing your dog’s nose.

Your Frenchie got sunburns

Many people think that our dogs can’t get sunburns, but the truth is quite different. Frenchies with light-colored coats and puppies who have pink noses can quickly develop sunburns when spending time in the sun. Even your Frenchie’s mouth and paw pads can crack, so using dog-safe sunscreens is over needed.

Autoimmune disease

Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario is to discover that your Frenchie suffers from an autoimmune disease. Lupus and Pemphigus are only some of the conditions that are followed by nose dryness, cracking, and bleeding. It’s important to note that these conditions can only be diagnosed by a veterinarian, and are usually treated with immunosuppressive drugs.

Allergies in French bulldogs

Seasonal pollen, dust, mold, mites, and house cleaning chemicals are only some of the triggers of allergic reactions in your Frenchie. Besides a dry nose, your dog’s skin can also become very itchy. If the allergies are severe, your pup may need antihistamines therapy.

How to naturally soothe my French bulldog’s dry nose?

Besides using a nose balm, you can also try to soothe it by using Coconut oil and Extra Virgine Olive oil. Your Frenchie requires nose care throughout the year and not only when it becomes cracked and dry.

Coconut and Olive oils are safe even for dogs who suffer from allergies. They restore moisture, release itchiness, and painful and cracked skin. Coconut oil is even famous for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  When applied to the skin, it can make hair shinier and less prone to damage. The antimicrobial effects of coconut oil may prevent Frenchies from being infected by ticks, fleas, and mange.

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