Can You Leave French Bulldogs Home Alone?

french bulldogs home alone

Are you feeling guilty every time you need to leave the house? Well, if you’re the owner of the French bulldog breed, then we totally understand why you’re feeling like that. Can you leave French bulldogs home alone is probably one of the most common questions I hear from my clients. That’s why I decided to relieve this topic and help every Frenchie owner to become aware of their tendency to suffer from separation anxiety.

french bulldogs home alone

Can you leave French bulldogs home alone? Does it sound like a good idea?

A decision to buy a dog was certainly one of the most thrilling moments in your life. Your little Frenchie became your family member who gets happy every time when you’re entering the front door.

Since owning a dog brings certain changes in your everyday routine, you need to carefully think about leaving it home alone for an extended period of time. Note that dogs are social beings and have learned to leave in packs. In this case, you’re your dog’s pack leader, so spending time without you can be a very stressful time for your pooch.

Speaking generally, French bulldogs can be left alone for approximately a few hours a day. The maximum and recommended time is not to leave him/her for more than 5 hours. Therefore, if you’re a busy person, buying a French bulldogs puppy will not be a good ides. These dogs constantly thrive for attention and like to be involved in every aspect of their owners’ lives.

As one of the solutions to help your dog overcome the time of loneliness is to buy the second dog. That’s why dog behavior specialists and breeders often recommend buying the second dog so they can provide each other with emotional support.

french bulldogs home alone

How to teach a French bulldog to spend time alone?

1- Become a pack leader

One of the first lessons to perform when you bring the puppy home is to teach him who is the pack leader. It means that you should set the boundaries and that your pet needs to respect your space.

Besides, every obedient Frenchie should learn the timing for eating and going to potty. I recommend you to establish your position as a pack leader by asking your Frenchie to work. You can do that by taking him outside for a stroll before feeding him. Excercise represents one of the best ways to achieve the dog’s submission and teaching him to act calmly.

2- Teach your dog to spend time in a crate

By teaching your dog to spend time in a crate, you’ll help him better deal with time spent alone. A crate represents his safe place for chilling, playing, and having rest. Dogs instinctively search for small spaces to create safe zones for themselves. It is also an essential part of the housebreaking routine because spending time in the crate will help in controlling the bladder.

Crate training benefits all types of dogs. Whether they’re junior or senior, spending time in the crate will prevent introducing unnecessary stress later.

3- Gradually increase the time spent alone

Even though French Bulldogs belong to companion dogs, they shouldn’t be left home alone for more than 4-5 hours a day. If you haven’t taught your dog to spend time alone, my recommendation is to perform it gradually. First start with lessons of leaving him alone in another room for a few minutes, and then increase to half an hour, hour, and so on.

Make sure you pay special attention to your departure routine because dogs quickly memorize your practice before you leave the house. My advice is to spontaneously change the order of steps you’re doing before you leave.

french bulldogs home alone

4- Use French Bulldog toys

Using French bulldog toys is one of the best things to do for keeping a pup entertained. Besides, they help dogs to easier deal with teeth growing process and improve their intelligence as well.

By providing your dog with toys, you’ll teach him not to chew on home items and showing destructive behavior. As one of the best toys for French bulldogs, I recommend you to have a look at the following Interactive UFO Toy.

french bulldogs home alone

Another Frenchie toy I would like to recommend you use on adolescent puppies to help them release their pent-up energy is the Frenchie Tooth Brush Chew Toy. It features dozens of rubber pins that will massage the dog’s painful gums. Besides, you can put inside the Peanut butter or the dog’s toothpaste if you want to use it for removing tartar and plaque.

french bulldogs home alone

5- Set the potty and feeding schedule

Leaving French bulldogs home alone might sound challenging because they belong to the Molosser family of dogs. In other words, they are very dependable, so spending time alone can cause them to go through real stress. To escape any potty messes and destructive behavior in your dog, I recommend you to alwys stick to the same feeding schedule. When we talk about going to strolls, it’s the best to take your dog outside early in the morning, after eating and drinking, when you come home from work and in the evening before sleep.

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