Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

are french bulldogs hypoallergenic

If you are a person who suffers from allergies and you are looking to buy a Frenchie puppy, there are things you need to know. Are French bulldogs hypoallergenic is one of the most common questions people ask.

Are French bulldogs hypoallergenic? Revealed

It’s definitely a heartbreaking thing when you desperately want to own a specific breed of a dog but you can’t have it because of your issues with allergies. Unfortunately, there is a common misunderstanding when we talk about hypoallergenic dogs. The only truth is that there is no hypoallergenic dog breed.

are french bulldogs hypoallergenic

Some dog breeds, especially those with curled hair, may seem like the best choice for allergic people. It’s because their long hair doesn’t allow the allergy trigger to come out on the surface. People actually react to a dog’s skin cells, saliva, urine, and dander. It’s not about the dog’s hair.

Therefore, French bulldogs are not hypoallergenic. They belong to moderate shedders, but because of their short hair, they don’t seem like the best solution for people with allergies.

The good thing is that French bulldogs are somewhere in the middle when we talk about hypoallergenic dog breeds. It’s because they don’t shed much.
However, this breed requires regular grooming. Otherwise, it can become a nightmare for family members who suffer from allergies.

are french bulldogs hypoallergenic 3

Tips for living with a Frenchie if you suffer from allergies

Allergy can happen at any time in your life. For example, you can live with your furry friend for a few years, and then suddenly become allergic to a dog’s hair. Of course, it is undoubtedly a devastating moment. Since your dog is your family member, you can reject it like an old item.

Your dog has feelings too. You’re the only person in his/her life who has always been there for him/her. Therefore, you need to overcome this issue together. Here are the tips that can help you in dealing with an allergy to a dog’s hair.

Regularly groom your Frenchie

If your allergy worsens when you try to groom your Frenchie, my advice is to ask someone to do that instead of you. The following grooming glove is perfect for reaching all the places on your furry batpig’s body. It has soft silicone pins and collects the dead hair like a magnet.

are french bulldogs hypoallergenic

Dress your Frenchie into cotton French bulldog clothes

When your dog wears clothes, he won’t be able to leave his dead hair all over the house. Of course, you’ll not succeed to completely save your living place, but it will undoubtedly help. My advice is to search for cotton Frenchie pajamas so your pooch can feel comfortable while wearing it. The following one is made of 100% and is machine washable.

are french bulldogs hypoallergenic

Clean your Frenchie’s bed cover

By regular cleaning your dog’s bed, you’ll decrease your tendency to allergy. It’s good to find a French bulldog bed, that comes with a removable cover, so you can put it in a washing machine. Our best pick is the Italian Handmade French bulldog bed. It not only has removable covers and liners, but it’s also filled with 3 inches of orthopedic sponge. It’s especially suitable for Frenchies that suffer from painful joints.

are french bulldogs hypoallergenic4

Clean your carpets and rugs

If you want to reduce allergens that come from your Frenchie’s skin, then you need to frequently clean your carpets and rugs as well. Focus on spots that are prone to collect most of your dog’s hair.

Bathe your Frenchie regularly

You can bathe your French bulldog every one or two weeks to help you reduce the allergy. However, you also need to use the appropriate mild dog shampoo, otherwise, you can make your Frenchies skin dry and flaky. The best shampoo for French bulldogs is the one that suits their sensitive skin.

The following one will not make their skin itchy and prone to allergies. It’s undoubtedly one of the best products for the French bulldog breed.

are french bulldogs hypoallergenic
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