Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone?

why does my french bulldog bite me

We all know that French bulldogs belong to companion dog breeds. They like to spend time with their owners and other family members. That’s what makes them happiest on Earth. Can French bulldogs be left alone is one of the most common questions we hear from our clients. Here is the answer.

If you’ve just brought your Frenchie puppy home, then you’re probably asking yourself what should be the first lesson to start teaching it. Of course, your puppy is still small but note that dogs learn best in their early puppyhood. Puppies are actually like empty books that need to be beautifully written. Therefore, you’d better write a good one!

Besides this dog breed is famous for so many unique features, they are also known for their tendency to suffer from separation anxiety. Since they are bred to work alongside their owners, you need to appropriately tailor their personalities from the beginning.

can french bulldogs be left alone

French bulldog socialization

Socialization is one of the first things every puppy should go through. The important part of socialization puppy experiences when it’s still in the kennel. Your breeder is the one who should assure you that his/her puppies have been properly socialized.

The second part of the socialization the puppy gets in the house of its new family. In other words, you need to introduce your furry friend to the outside world. Listening to the sound of traffic, and meeting other dogs and unknown kids and people presents a crucial part in your Frenchie’s life.

french bulldog

French bulldogs and Leader Program

No matter how much it’s hard to resist those huge eyes begging for some food from the table, you need to set up certain boundaries. Since dogs are pack animals, they need to have the pack leader they will listen to. In this case, it’s you! There shouldn’t be any remissions. Otherwise, you’ll live with a disobedient dog.

can french bulldogs be left alone

When Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone?

Are you still wondering when can French bulldogs be left alone? Well, after you went through the previously mentioned steps, you should gradually increase your pet’s time to spend time alone.

In the beginning, it shouldn’t be longer than a few minutes. It would also be useful to leave you pooch his favorite toys and snacks to occupy the attention. The following Frenchie World IQ interactive food egg will encourage your intelligence because he/she’ll need some time to figure out how it works.

can french bulldogs be left alone

By gradually increasing the time your French bulldog spends alone, you can also change the toys you leave him/her to play with. Different chewing toys can be useful especially if your batpig has a tendency to chew on home items. The following Beeping Chew toy will make the sound while your Frenchie chews it.

can french bulldogs be left alone

Another great solution for helping a dog to deal with separation anxiety is to buy a toy that will become his/her best buddy to spend time alone. In this case, plush toys can help. The following plush pig will be your Frenchie’s best friend that he/she will carry around.

can french bulldogs be left alone

There are many studies that confirm the beneficial effect that separation anxiety vest leaves on a depressed dog. Therefore, I recommend you to try it. The following anxiety jacket is made of a special fabric that makes a gentle pressure to your furry friend’s body. In that way, a dog will feel calm like someone’s hugging him. More on this issue HERE:

How to prevent separation anxiety in French bulldogs?

Dog separation anxiety takes an important place in dog ownership. We all know that you want only the best for your furry friend, so previously mentioned tips will surely help you decrease your dog’s depression. Let’s sum up the tips that can help your Frenchie:

  • Your Frenchie needs to become properly socialized.
  • You need to become your dog’s pack leader.
  • Buy French bulldog toys and teach your pup to spend time alone.
  • Buy your dog an anxiety vest.
  • Bring another dog to a family so he can have a ‘friend’ to spend time while you’re at work.

If your dog suffers from severe separation anxiety, then you must seek the help of behavior specialists. Medications present only a temporary solution, so you’ll need to through a specially tailored desensitizing program to help your pooch.

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