Frenchie Sweaters – Best 9 Picks in 2020

frenchie sweaters

Frenchies are not like other dog breeds. Just like us, they require wearing clothes because they are prone to hypothermia. To make sure your pooch will stay warm and comfy to walk outside in cold weather, it’s essential to provide them with good Frenchie sweaters.

Frenchie sweaters come in many designs and fabrics. For colder months, it’s advisable to choose woven sweaters. They help in keeping a dog’s body temperature in normal ranges. For French bulldogs, wearing sweaters doesn’t present only a fancy detail. That’s why we’ve chosen the top 9 picks of Frenchie sweater to warm up your batpig this season.

The best picks of Frenchie sweaters in 2020

When choosing a Frenchie clothing, it’s essential to find the one that will fit their unique bodies. They are small in size but have round bellies that are close to the ground and prone to catch a cold. On the other hand, they also have short and tiny legs, so the sleeves might be a problem when picking clothes for them.

All of these sweaters were tried on the French bulldog breed, so you can be sure they’ll fit these cute little gremlins.

Winter Pom-Pom French Bulldog Sweater

To make your pup both fashionable and warm, we recommend you have a loo at the following pom-pom sweater. It comes in gray and pink colors and it’s perfect to wear on cozy autumn and spring days. IT’s very pleasant in touch and comes with two fancy pockets to resemble a human’s sweater.

frenchie sweaters

French Bulldog Woolen Multicolored Fuzzy Sweater

Fuzzy Frenchie sweaters serve to keep dogs warm and help them regulate their body temperatures. The following one comes in a trendy camouflage design. Your Frenchie will feel like he’s wearing a blanket on his back because the sweater is very soft and thick. It presents one of the best picks to wear during autumn and winter.

french bulldog sweater

100% Wool Handmade Knitted Cardigan

If you adore retro-looking clothes, then you’ll definitely love the Wool Handmade Knitted Cardigan for your Frenchie. Wool is a natural material that helps in keeping body temperature in optimal ranges. Therefore, your little gremlin will always warm and comfy when wearing this cardigan. It’s perfect to wear both in the spring and winter and autumn season.

frenchie seater

French Bulldog Warm Vest With Matching Pom Scarf

Frosty days and chilly nights are one of the worst nightmares for your batpig. That’s why this padded vest is perfect to wear in harsh weather. It comes in two colors and comes with a cute scarf.

frenchie sweaters

French Bulldog Rainbow Crewneck

Made of 100% cotton, this Frenchie sweater is perfect to wear in breezy spring days. It comes in two designs, and the high cut will prevent your pup from unplanned messes. The cute giraffe emblem will make your four-legged friend even cuter than he already is.


Treats & Chill Frenchie jumper

What are the two biggest loves in the life of every Frenchie? Well, if they could talk, treats and chilling would definitely be the answer. This fancy and sporty Frenchie sweater is great to wear on cozy winter and autumn days. It’s also suitable for special occasions and when taking family photos.

Hearts Fleece French Bulldog Sweater

OMG! Just imagine how your French bulldog would look like when wearing this Fleece sweater. Fleece fabric is known as one of the best materials to keep the body warm. Cute hearts were woven through the sweater to make your Frenchie look both cute and stylish at the same time! We are sure that your pooch will look like a million dollar baby when wearing it.

Quilted Cotton Turtleneck Top

Another great pick that comes from a Frenchie World store is this Quilted cotton sweater. It comes in three colors and is very pleasant to wear in temperatures below 18C. It’s also machine washable on 30c and perfect for Frenchies with sensitive skin.

Rainbow Knitted Jumper

Rainbow knitted jumper is one of the best-selling sweaters for Frenchies. It is stretchable and made of vowed fabric. The fancy rainbow colors will make your put noticeable wherever you appear! The high cut is suitable for messy piglets, and the sweater is machine washable on 30 c.

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